Indian Sportswomen At Rio Have Proved Themselves. Now Will People Wake Up?

Indian sportswomen at Rio have brought glory to the country and deserve the title of India's 'Powerpuff girls'. They are proof that girls will not be held back.

Indian sportswomen at Rio have brought glory to the country and deserve the title of India’s ‘Powerpuff girls’. They are proof that girls will not be held back.

Three girls with superpowers are frequently called upon by the town’s childlike and naive mayor to help fight nearby criminals using their powers, in the American series, ‘The Powerpuff girls.’ Well, who would have imagined that three simple looking girls with amazing strength could bring glory to the name of India on a global platform, when millions of eyes were glued to the television and their hearts almost dropped, watching these ‘Indian PowerPuff girls’ perform.

Whether it was P V Sindhu crashing down her Japanese opponent to become a contender for gold in the ongoing Rio Olympics or the power fighter Sakshi Malik who used her ‘repechage’ to win a medal for India in wrestling, or even the exceptional Dipa Karmakar who was the face of Indian Gymnastics, executing the ‘vault of death’ to reach the finals for the first time ever at Olympics, these girls held our heads high and we are  proud to define them as ‘The PowerPuff girls.’ These girls from all corners of India have proved that gender doesn’t matter. What matters is sincerity and perseverance.

When it comes to education, numerous girls have been deprived of the basic education that every child needs to receive, many a times there are cases where the family is not in a position to afford the cost of education. Even though free government schools are available, they do not have the same standards like other schools. Though the government encourages children by providing them midday meals, yet the cases of food poisoning in midday meals indicate that this kind of support is not good enough.

When can we as a country be able to provide free education to boys as well as girls irrespective of their gender? When would people believe that girls weren’t only meant to be married off as they grew older. When would every person smile when told that he or she was going to have a girl?

Girls just need to be given an opportunity. We had a Prime Minister years back who was a woman and a leader known throughout the world for her work. It is time for us to stand and voice against the discrimination which women face in every stage of life.

In her recent talk Indra Noovi said that women are not supportive of each other and had we been a pillar of support to one another, we could have excelled long back. The truth is women need to stand in support of each other.

While the ‘Golden girls of India’ meritoriously display their valour, strength and the will to fight back on an International level, we instead of encouraging these youngsters, we demoralise them. We criticize many of them who are not performing, whereas the facts remain that India is yet to produce and work on lines of action where we could produce Olympic champions.

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It’s high time when we as citizens and the government as a whole should encourage girls having exquisite hidden talents and facilitate them in their own respective fields. They should be allowed to excel and bring honour and fame to our country.

These ‘Powerpuff girls’ have indeed worked hard with perseverance to reach such a level of excellence. With due regards to their parents, mentors and teachers, I believe that girl power will be acknowledged whole heartedly by each and every person in the society, eradicating the  evil of discrimination .

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