Leaving Home For College? Read This Survivor Guide For The College Newbie

Leaving home for college for the first time, living by yourself, and fending for yourself, is a very big deal. Here's a survivor guide for the college newbie.

Leaving home for college for the first time, living by yourself, and fending for yourself, is a very big deal. Here’s a survivor guide for the college newbie.

We all know that taking that step from high school to college is huge. It’s freaking big. Especially, for an only child like me, so very used to all the fuss and attention. Anyway, let me just say, it’s hard. So hard. But there are few things that you must keep in mind.

Be your own person

There’s no pretending anymore, high school’s over and its time to be real. Face the world. Make your choices as you please. Know what’s best for you. You’re getting older and this the very beginning of your adult life – it’s being shaped right now. Mould yourself well and if someone doesn’t agree with that, hey that’s their problem!


College is the time for taking chances. No one’s going to tell you how to live your life anymore. This is your time. Try new things. Do the things you’ve always wanted. Don’t hold yourself back. Don’t be afraid. The world is yours.

Learn to be by yourself

I won’t lie, this one is by far the hardest. You will break down, not once, not twice – multiple times. Leaving the safe haven your parents created for you is hard. Having your own place, doing things, everything by yourself can be overwhelming. You must learn to do things by yourself. Become your own best friend. It’s important to go do things by yourself. Go shop alone, go to a restaurant alone – it’s a part of growing up.

No, it isn’t sad or pathetic. Enjoy yourself.

Social life

I hate to break to you, but making friends is going to be much, much harder than it was. Don’t get me wrong, you will find people to hang out with, but making real friends is going to take long.

As a kid, you were exposed to the same people everyday. You were still growing up and forming yourself to a greater extent than you are today so it was easier to gel in with people. You’re more mature now. You’ve your own opinions, values and beliefs. To find someone with those or at least the ones who respect and maybe align themselves with the likes of you will be a task.

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It’s okay, you will find them. Give it time, maybe even a lot of time.

Give yourself a break

Cut yourself some slack, kid. You’ve gotten this far. It’s big okay? Look at you doing life yourself. Know that you still have a long way to go. Learn everyday and chase your goals with an intense passion and love. Wake up everyday with the thought of it.

And on the days you feel like you just can’t do it anymore? Cry, all you want. Make yourself a hot drink, eat some comfort food, take a shower and smile. Tomorrow’s a new day. And you’ve done so much. Know your worth.

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