Would You Consider A Career Change If Given A Chance? [#TuesdayTalkies]

Some of us love what we do while others might consider a career change if given a chance. Read what our readers had to say if such an opportunity came.

Some of us love what we do while others might consider a career change if given a chance. Read what our readers had to say if such an opportunity came. [#TuesdayTalkies]

A career make-over is considered for a variety of reasons. Although money is one of them yet it isn’t the only reason people seek an alternative employment. While some might feel like they have no room for growth in their current field, others might think that the career they are currently in doesn’t give the satisfactions they had hoped for. In either case, switching to a new field can be an extremely daunting task, but it’s often necessary if you wish to find satisfaction in your professional life.

At Women’s Web, we invite readers to share their thoughts on one interesting question that is picked by the team and posted on our Facebook page every Tuesday, calling it #TuesdayTalkies. We try picking questions that would interest readers and put them in their thoughts.

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The question for this week was, “If you are asked to start your career again would you do what you do or start all over again?” Here are 5 best responses from our readers.

Doing a job where my heart is

While I’m pretty much where I want to be in my career right now, I have reached this stage after quite a few twists and turns. If I could start my career again, I would be more patient and pick just the right kind of job and not the first thing that I was offered. And I would focus on the area that I am good at instead of trying to climb the corporate ladder anyhow. – Satabdi Mukherjee

A job that helps me re-invent myself

I am working on it. With 10 years as an open source software developer, I am now a full time blogger, book reviewer and social media marketer. Guess I started all over again and don’t regret being a Work from Home Mom. – Nilima Mohite 

Will continue by learning from past mistakes & improving

I love what i was doing for the last 11 years of my career. So I would rather try to improve my skills, learn from my mistakes, unlearn the unnecessary complications and restart the challenge. So given a choice I would love to just continue but with double speed and gained experience. – Sunandita Roy Sengupta

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Start something new with past experiences

Not a total restart as my experience has taught me a lot but would start my business sooner. I would take decisions faster. – Roopali Chaturvedi

If change is for the better then it is worth a try

According to me, career is an opportunity for you to make money through something you are very good at. If given an option I would definitely try to change my career as it will give me another chance to explore myself and who knows, it might turn out to be more lucrative. – Charvi Kathuria

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