Sometimes All We Need Is A Little Splash Of Colour! Top 10 Colours That Resonate With Our Readers [#Tuesday Talkies]

We asked our readers, “Different women like different colours. Which colour defines you & why?” Here is what you have said.

We asked our readers, “Different women like different colours. Which colour defines you & why?” Here is what you have said.

Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” – Pablo Picasso

Colours play a vital role in the world we live in. Every colour resonates differently with different individuals. It is a powerful communication tool that can be used to signal action, influence mood, and cause physiological reactions.

Researches have proved that colours affect our way of thinking, change actions, and even affect stress levels. Colours have an unique ability of triggering emotions and memories, connect us to nature, inspire us, and sometimes they even seem to have that magical ability of slowing down time. Certain colors have also been associated with increased blood pressure, increased metabolism, and eyestrain.

At Women’s Web, we invite readers to share their thoughts on one interesting question that is picked by the team and posted on our Facebook page every Tuesday, calling it #TuesdayTalkies. We try picking questions that would interest readers and put them in their thoughts.

Some of the best replies are posted in our next story and one of them also gets to win a Women’s Web mug. Why don’t you try your luck in the next week’s question?

The question for this week was, “Different women like different colours. Which one defines you & why?” Here are 10 best responses from our readers.

Screams ‘Live Your Life’

YELLOW. To me, it defines purity and piousness. It’s an enthusiastic colour. I hear it shouting to me ‘Live your life’! –Monica Yelkur

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Inspires To Become Perfect

I love YELLOW because it inspires my thoughts and inquisitiveness. It gives an enthusiasm for living life. When I wear yellow I feel confident and smart. I love to talk more. Lastly yellow is the most visible colour. The perfect colour to be a perfectionist. –Rima Babudas

Generates An Air Of Positivity Around

Definately WHITE! It is a sign of purity, equality & awakening. Moreover it also depicts my quest for cleanliness. It is a perfect combination of all the bright & dark colours of the life, & still having peace within and generating a positivity all around. –Peruse Malik

Represents Peace

WHITE undoubtedly! It reminds me of the most sought after thing in this world which is peace.White reminds me of the fact that creating peace within and outside me is my responsibility and this world can be a better place if each one shoulders this responsiblity. –Deepti Walli

Black Is Beautiful

I love BLACK! Yes the colour that is associated with darkness and other negatives! But to me black is beauty! I love wearing black outfits which adds beauty to Me. Doesn’t a tint of black in a white background add beauty to the entire scene? And that’s me! – Jeydevi Venkataraman

Colour Of A Non-Conformist

BLACK is my colour. It symbolises strength and substance. It stands for grit and courage a woman is made up of. It is also the color of a nonconformist. –Bindu Nair

Reflects Passion

RED. It lifts my mood; whether it’s my favorite red lipstick or a pair of red heels. It has been the most bold color for me reflecting passion! –Vhuyashi Vibha Das

Energises The Day

ORANGE. Fresh, Energetic, and Inspiring! Best for the early morning dose of energy. –Arpita Sharma

Represents Feminism

PURPLE reflects me. It’s powerful, royal, pretty, ambitious, feminine & classy. –Vybhavi B Prasad

Symbolises Growth

The colour GREEN. Fresh,lively, soothing, symbolises nurturing and signifies growth. Much like the inherent ME. –Prackriti Bhaargava

So what about you? What colour would you choose to represent you? Comment below and let us know! You could also check our Facebook page to stay in touch with us and know our question for the next #TuesdayTalkies.

Image source: colours of Holi by Shutterstock.


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