Do You Have It In You? 10 Things Our Readers Will Look For In A Man Or A Woman To Be Impressed [#TuesdayTalkies]

First impressions. We asked you, our readers, “What is that one thing a man or a woman must have in order to impress you?” Here are your answers.

First impressions. We asked you, our readers, “What is that one thing a man or a woman must have in order to impress you?” Here are your answers.

Trust me we have all been there — a big date coming up and we panic about our appearance, body language, demeanor, mannerism. So – why do we fret so much about the first impression?

In the words of Sonya Parker, “almost everyone will make a first impression, but only a few will make a lasting impression.” It just takes a couple of seconds or probably a glance for someone to evaluate you when they meet you for the first time. You are judged based on your appearance, your body language, your dressing sense, your demeanour and of course your mannerism.

At Women’s Web, we invite readers to share their thoughts on one interesting question that is picked by the team and posted on our Facebook page every Tuesday, calling it #TuesdayTalkies. We try picking questions that would interest readers and put them in their thoughts.

Some of the best replies are posted in our next story and one of them also gets to win a Women’s Web mug. Why don’t you try your luck in the next week’s question?

The question for this week was, “What is that one thing a man or a woman must have in order to impress you?” Here are 10 best responses from our readers.

Being Respectful Towards Oneself And Others

The one thing that a WOMAN or MAN must have is RESPECT because I strongly believe that if one respect’s someone, he/she will truly respect’s himself/herself, and that is the most important factor to see beauty around and live life to its best. – Aparna Kamble

Empathetic And Compassionate

They must make me feel comfortable while talking to them in the first meeting. That reflects how much empathetic they are to the person interacting with them. – Haripriya Madhavan

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Being Human

We all are humans but rarely do we see humanity in people around us. To impress me, one should be compassionate & empathic towards everyone around him/her. A good soul, a pure heart, in short a good human is something that always attracts me more than anything else. – Peruse Malik

Gracious Living

That one single thing is ‘Grace‘. One should have grace at a mental and a physical level which is enough to impress. Grace brings courteousness, politeness, certain decorum in life. Grace is not gender based; it should be present in all human beings. And with grace comes respect, compassion, humility, love, elegance, and affection for others. – Parul Kumar

Simplicity Is The Best Policy

Simplicity is the only thing which I will look for. A simple person will be honest, respectful, and well mannered. An egoistic and self centered person puts me off.  – Nazia Sultana

Generous And Kind

A Big Heart! No matter where one is or how important they are, I feel the sign of a genuine human being is someone who can come out of the narrow boundaries of their own lives and think and care for others. In this materialistic age where selfishness is the norm, I find kindness truly sexy. – Kasturi Patra

A Grounded And Level-Headed Person

The good mannerism with which he or she talks with a person who works below him or her. – Joyeeta Talukdar

Because Sometimes Eyes Can Say More Than The Mouth

Expressive eyes because eyes are the true reflection of your heart and feelings that reside in it. – Ruchi Verma

A Strong Character

Character is everything. – Vijya Sridhar

Confidence Is The Key

That one essential thing that makes someone really interesting is confidence. Someone who’s confident would stay unfazed in the depths of despair. He or she would always be ready and up for a challenge and take problems head on. Such people are a joy to be with because their energy tends to permeate those around them giving them the strength and fortitude they need to face a difficult sitiation. I firmly believe that confidence is the key to one’s success in love and in life. – Vhuyashi Vibha Das

With every encounter, an impression is created. And these first impressions go a long way whether in your career or in your social life. Making those first encounters impressive is extremely important because it sets the tone for all the relationships that will follow.

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