5 Best Ways To Deal With Your Child Facing Bullying At School [#TuesdayTalkies]

As parents we all want to protect our children from getting hurt. So bullying at school resonates very strongly amongst us.

As parents we all want to protect our children from getting hurt. So bullying at school resonates very strongly amongst us.

In #TuesdayTalkies we asked our readers to tell us 5 best ways to deal with child bullying at school and here are the responses.

We all know that everyday children across the country are enduring bullying in some form or the other. Name calling, harsh taunts, cyber bullying and physical bullying and abuse are some of the most prominent ones. Either your child gets picked up at some point of time or their feelings are somehow hurt by others.

We all have our trials and tribulations with our kids, irrespective of who we are. However, the most difficult part of finding solutions to problems is when we are trying to solve a problem that is neither easy nor comfortable. In fact the problem is extremely traumatic for our children. It is hard to concentrate on anything else; all we want to do is make it stop immediately.

At Women’s Web, we invite readers to share their thoughts on one interesting question that is picked by the team and posted on our Facebook page every Tuesday, calling it #TuesdayTalkies. We try picking questions that would interest readers and put them in their thoughts. Some of the best replies are posted in our next story and one of them also gets to win a ‘Women’s Web’ mug. Why don’t you try your luck in the next week’s question?

The question for this week was, What is the best way to deal with your child being bullied at school? Here are 5 best responses from our readers.

Being Their Pillar Of Support

“My child was bullied for being bigger in size than average kids of her age. Over the years with our help she now sees this her being taller and well built as a strength and not a weakness and accepts that just like leaves on a tree are all different,so are we. Her self belief has not only deterred the bullies from pestering her but now she has a much healthier self-image.”Pooja Sharma Rao

Identify The Cause And Take Appropriate Action

“First of all I would enquire how my child has responded to the bullies. I would tell him/her to not be cowed down by the bullying. I would assure him/her of my support. Then I would speak to the children’s teachers and if possible, to their parents too, to find out why they are bullying other children. Perhaps they are victims of bullying or have experienced violence at home. Such children can be brought back on the right track by sensitive counseling and channelizing their negative energy into constructive or creative work.”Seema Taneja

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When The Going Gets Tough, Be Tougher

“My son constantly got picked on in his class by group of three in LKG. My son developed school refusal. The way we went about is spoke to the teacher, parents all the time trying to explain to my son. Making him understand why some kids pick on others and how thats not rite as well as he has to stand up against such kids too. Slowly my son learnt this. However the sad part is the whole incidents. Parents of the bullying kids think they need not educate their kids and felt what their kids do was right. These kids not only picked on my son but other kids too. Well the issue will resolve to educate all- the teachers, parents of both sides and mainly the kids too. If parents of bullying kids are receptive and open to whats happening this would be lot easier. Sadly in reality it’s not so.”Avr Sajjan

Walk Away And Ignore The Bully

“When my son faced it, first thing I told him was to stay away from the bully & not to hit back or bully back. Then I informed the teacher and the principal who took action. Now, when it happens, my son tells them to stop and immediately screams for help. It’s worked so far.”Kalpana Raja

An Eye For An Eye Will Only Make The World Blind

“As they say the bullied often become bullies, sensitise your kid to differences as the essence of humanity and be confident in who they are, any color, any size.”Pooja Sharma Rao

So, what about you, readers? What would you do?

Image: Sad Child by Pixabay


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