Nidhi Agarwal Of KAARYAH Took Fearless Decisions To Succeed. You Could Too! #BreakingBarriers

Here is an account of endurance and how success is driven from entrepreneur, Nidhi Agarwal, Founder and CEO of Kaaryah - a leading women's clothing line.

Here is an account of endurance and how success is driven from entrepreneur, Nidhi Agarwal, Founder and CEO of KAARYAH – a leading women’s clothing line.

When things do not go as expected, many might lose the courage to continue the journey. There will always be doubts – are you doing the right thing? At this crucial stage, along with the external barriers, one might start building their own extra barrier which would hinder their progress further.

Ask Nidhi Agarwal, if such barriers slowed down her venture’s growth and you would be surprised to hear the answer!

When Nidhi tried to get a round of funding for her clothing line, KAARYAH, she had to taste bitterness from all around. But that did not restrict her momentum in any form and she showed the courage by taking a difficult, yet much required timely decision of shifting the focus.

Few fearless decisions changed the face of KAARYAH and she is only thankful for having taken that bold step. At times, instead of trying too hard to solve a problem, shifting your focus to something else, doing your job at what you can do best will surprisingly give desired results in the long run.

What was the exact problem faced by Nidhi? What did she actually do to overcome it? Hear it from Nidhi herself in our video from the Breaking Barriers event that happened in Bangalore last month.

Nidhi Agarwal is now a successful entrepreneur determined to stay on that demanding path and today, KAARYAH stands tall among other notable fashion brands of the country.

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