Oh, Heartbreak! She Once Loved A Boy [Poem]

The experience of love can make you blossom in a million colours. On the other hand, heartbreak can be searing. But, can it be that the one who breaks your heart might also have his own private pain?

The experience of love can make you blossom in a million colours. On the other hand, heartbreak can be searing. But, can it be that the one who breaks your heart might also have his own private pain? 

She once loved a boy.
When she was five,
She knew love when she saw it.
At five, she knew the meaning of life,
Was him.
His eyes…
She counted the flecks and dots of the celestial painting of his eyes.
She awakened to his sunshine.
And she never walked on the ground anymore,
Never really adhered to the laws of gravity,
She always cascaded from one rainbow to the next,
Between puffs of clouds,
Flitting across,
Never being,
Always fleeing.
Life in HD colours.
She knew that the sun rose for her,
And the wind painted million colors across her face,
And she knew she would live to hear the break of dawn that would whisper their names,
As softly,
As the sound of the sea trapped in a pretty white conch,
She breathed love.
She grew wings,
Larger than life,
And was always in the media res,
Of things unexplained.
At twenty,
Like the newly blossomed cotton fields,
She burst apart,
She rose in pieces,
She flew higher than the mortals,
Life moved seconds slower
Slowly fuller,
Drop by drop
Her heart was full,
And love fuller.
She was a fly trapped in the solid amber of life.
She once loved a boy like that.
In serendipity.
Like the perfect swipe of axe over dreams,
One phone call.
Shattered everything.
Shattered a lifetime of love,
That had been born in the heart of a five year old and bloomed to life in a twenty year old.
Her rainbows faded to a dull monochrome,
And gravity was a heartless bitch,
Even to someone who used to fly before.
The clouds were limp and sad and her windows never held light to her dreams anymore.
The sun never rose for her and the wind did everything but paint her face in a million colors,
The dawn never fully broke anymore and even if it did,
It was not to whisper their names like from the underside of a conch that captured the sound of the sea,
Her wings flapped low,
Her eyes dull,
And her cotton fields burdened by too much fruit and too little harvest and the fly staggered from the shattered amber of life,
To only drag its lifeless form to nowhere really.
They had never talked.
Not so much.
It had always been the play of eyes,
And melodies whispering in perfect harmony against the consistent chords of life.
The intense struggling of tense love pulling at the hearts,
Tying them together in one cord,
And discord,
Arose from the minute,
Eyes stopped and words started,
And she was never so stooped,
Never so stalled,
Never so lifeless,
As from the day he had chosen not to call.
With her head held upright and stance solid,
She rose above the fall,
Gathered her pieces,
And moved on.
Realizing life was ok minus the rainbows and million colors,
And gravity was a heartless bitch to all,
She fell, she rose,
Without the drama of it all.
Her wings grew strong but were tattered and patch worked in places and she knew it was ok.
Her words struck discord and sometimes failed,
And her amber broke into tiny shards and still she knew,
It was ok.
It was ok to live life at normal speed,
It was ok to have monochrome rainbows,
Colourless winds,
And she was the messy survivor.
Anchoring hope,
Throwing herself to servitude,
She became an anchor.
An anchor that drowned to save lives,
Not breathing love, just breathing peace.
Just touching the broken pieces of Amber,
Once in a while.
Telling herself,
Her changed self,
She once loved a boy.
She once loved a boy like that.
All that she never knew or never would know:
She never knew his oblivion.
His frazzled mind that grappled for support,
Needed a life support,
Taunted and tortured to submission,
And he had traded his sanity for love.
And he had once loved her.
Seen her in HD colors and she had lightened up his every possible horizons.
He had been a boy in love.
All of that was reduced to an ashen dream,
That was locked in mid action in his amber of life.
He once loved a girl who never saw this coming.
And it was ok.
They were just another two flies, trapped and untrapped in the amber of life.
Life could go on.
But she once loved a boy like that.
And that is all that matters now.

Image source: heartbreak by Shutterstock.


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