That Didn’t Fit Right: A Blogger Contest With Buttercups

Posted: January 20, 2016

We’ve all had situations where something didn’t quite fit right. Now is your time to tell that story, for the Buttercups blogger contest!

An ill-fitting bra, an uncomfortably scratchy outfit, a relationship that has run its course or a situation where you felt like a misfit – the list goes on…

Share your story of any fit that wasn’t quite the right fit and how that led to an embarrassing or funny situation.

Buttercups is a lingerie experience like never before. Through the fitting rooms that it pioneered in India, and a unique online quiz, it guarantees a perfect fitting bra. With styles, colours and designs crafted for the modern Indian woman, its purpose is to help you “B You”.

Bloggers, get started!

Share your view of ‘That Didn’t Fit Right’ and the best entries will win exciting prizes from Buttercups, besides being shared on all Women’s Web channels.

  1. Add this text at the end of your post to let your friends and readers know about exciting offers from Buttercups: Celebrate yourself with a perfect fit. Take the Buttercups quiz @ and get that perfect fit you deserve. Use GYRF10 to avail a 10% discount.
  2. Include the hashtag #PerfectFit in your post and on any social media you share your post on
  3. Submit the URL/link to your post in the comments below.

You’re done!

Updates: Winners announced!

The winners for this exciting contest have been shortlisted, and here is the update, with a personal message from Arpita Ganesh, Founder & CEO, Buttercups:

We are all different, but we live in a world where “different” is considered “bad”. We are expected to fit in, follow norms (set by who, God knows!) or be like “everyone” else, so some of us try, to fit in, to be “normal” or to pretend to be. But, we are not.

The philosophy of Buttercups is to make every woman, no matter how unique, feel comfortable with herself, instead of expecting her to adjust into what is considered “normal”. At Buttercups, we are not only about bras, but about making women confident of their bodies and uniqueness and we will continue on this endeavor. Today, while we cater to a majority of women who were thus far unhappy with the choices they had, we still have a lot more to do, before we cater to every woman’s unique shape and size. But we will continue, slowly and steadily in the coming years, to achieve this and to continue on our philosophy of making every woman B herself.

The first prize goes to Kasturi Patra, for her post, To fit or not to fit, that is the question

The second prize goes to Rohini, for her post, That didn’t fit right, oh well actually nothing ever fits me right!

The third prize goes to Kashmira Lad for her post, From being a misfit to being the perfect fit



Make sure you post your entry on your blog between 20th Jan and 5th Feb 10th Feb (extended now!) and send us the link before 12 o’clock midnight (IST) on 10th Feb!

Prizes, prizes!

The best blog posts submitted will win these prizes:

  • First Prize Winner – a Buttercups Gift Voucher worth Rs.3000
  • Second Prize Winner – a Buttercups Gift voucher worth Rs.2000
  • Third Prize Winner – a Buttercups Gift voucher worth Rs. 1000

Those important terms and Conditions

  • Blog posts that do not include the text to be added at the end would not be considered for prizes
  • Multiple entries are welcome but participants will not receive more than one prize
  • Blog posts that are written without any substance, or do not adhere to the contest theme, may be disqualified
  • Any product/physical prizes can be sent to addresses in India only (we keep this if applicable
  • Editors’ and judges’ discretion is final
  • You are invited to share your #PerfectFit with your friends and bloggers you know! Use the hashtag #PerfectFit on your post and your shares as well.

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  1. @Anuradha, @Percy @Vinodhini, congratulations for being the very first ones off the block! Enjoying reading all your entries.

  2. Hello Everyone,

    Here is my story below…. 🙂

  3. Hello!! Here is my blogpost: “Do I fit in? Yes I do!” ..the story of how I found my right fit.

  4. here’s my entry. what doesn’t fit right sets your brain right, doesn’t it?…/and-rriiipppp…/

    “Human tragedies:
    We all want to be extraordinary
    and we all just want to fit in.
    Unfortunately, extraordinary people rarely fit in.”
    ― Sebastyne Young

  6. Hello team, thank you for giving us this platform and for making us put our thinking caps on!! Good luck to everyone.
    Here is my entry

  7. This is a great topic and I really enjoyed putting my thoughts together. Hope you all enjoy reading it as well. Kudos to Team women’s Web.Here’s my entry for the contest.Good luck to all. Fingers crossed 🙂

  8. Hello there,,, here is my attempt. I think my first comment never showed up. Here is the same link and thanks for this funny and lovely contest.…/that-didnt-fit-right.html

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  10. Hello All, This is my entry for the contest. Loved to write on a theme so close to my heart. My best wishes to all. 🙂

  11. Dr. Reetu

    Hi & Great Effort by All!

    Here is my piece posted in the following blog. Feel free to get back to me if access to this blog is a problem. Cheers to all readers..

  12. Loving your entries folks, and enjoying reading all of them one by one. 🙂

  13. my friends said my link was broken again. fingers crossed third time is a charm. hope the link connects.

  14. Here’s my entry, a story on Birds and Bees!! Only, it is literal! 🙂 Please read, and consider it an entry to the contest.

  15. Hello to all the ladies out there at women’s web and buttercups
    By when will be the results out?

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