Not Anymore Doth You Cry! [Poem]

Posted: October 6, 2015

The poet tries to feel the depression and the harrowing experiences that other women, her sisters, had to go through and uses her words to resurrect them. 


In the darkest corner of this world, did she want to go;

Where no ray of light could ever seep  through

Where no wave of sound could ever pass

Away from the reach of all prying eyes!


Inside the cocoon of loneliness, did she want to hide;

Where she need not know if it was day or night

Where she could let go months and years unnoticed

Away from those arms that stretch to embrace her in deceitful hugs!


In the stillness of her soul,did she want to submerge

Where she could shed her tears until her eyes bled

Where she could stay numb until her heart turned cold

Away from them all who could never see her through!


Away from this earth if she could ever go;

She wished go where the sight of stars would not entice her back to life

Where new promises and hopes would not kindle the fire in her again

Where she could hide herself, from the shadows of her own past!


Nay ye woman , Nay! Not any more doth you cry!

Not anymore should you swerve your eyes

Look right into those eyes, that drooled nothing but lust

For you not know, the strength of the fire, you hide behind your stare!


Wake up ye woman wake up!

Not anymore should your mind echo the shrieks of your pain,

For once let them know you cannot be taken for granted,

For you not know, the fury of your ire unleashed!


Nay Ye Woman, Nay! Not any more doth you cry!

For it is for them now, to shed tears of blood!

It is for them, for having forgotten they emerged from the womb of a woman

It is for them , It is for them, to stoop in shame!

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