The phoenix

A mother and working professional, interested in writing, travelling, photography and painting. Much fascinated by mythical bird of paradise, The Phoenix, which arises from the ashes, to be reborn, again and again; I embraced it as my pseudonym, As at times when I feel my creativity is long dead, surprisingly stories resurrect from nowhere, from the burnt ashes of my soul.

Voice of The phoenix

responsibility for my choice
To Marry Or Not, And Whom To Marry? The Responsibility For My Choice Is Mine

I am proud of having chosen my own partner even if my marriage failed later, because I am strong enough to bear the responsibility for my choice. 

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but I am a mother
But I Am A Mother… [#ShortStories]

"Her only son, the one for whom she lived such a hard life, he was now ashamed of her very existence. She felt that her heart would break into a thousand pieces."

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Life After Divorce: A Day In Preity’s Life [#ShortStory]

Life after divorce is not easy, but there are two things Preity came away with - a precious child, and equally precious - her dignity.

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I Miss You When You Are Not Here, But You Are His, As Much As Mine, And That’s The Way It Should Be!

Joint custody of children after a divorce can mean long periods when the children are with the other parent. But the child needs the other parent too.

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If It Is Meant To Be, It Will And If Not, Then Let It Go

The author reflects on why people in India regard divorce as the end of all happiness. If it is meant to be, it will and if not, then let it go.

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Not Anymore Doth You Cry! [Poem]

The poet tries to feel the depression and the harrowing experiences that other women, her sisters, had to go through and uses her words to resurrect them. For it is not for these women to cry, but it is for them who do such inexpiable sins who are in fact to be exposed and put to shame!

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