7 Bold Fictional Women We Love For Their Dating Chutzpah

These 7 bold fictional women from Hollywood don’t buy into stereotypes about dating and rock with their unique dating chutzpah!

These 7 bold fictional women from Hollywood don’t buy into stereotypes about dating and rock with their unique dating chutzpah!

Well-behaved women seldom make history,” goes a quote by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, a historian and professor at Harvard University. It is a quote that illustrates an image of a woman who is independent, brave, takes her life’s decisions, and lives life on her own terms; a women who refuses to be confined to ‘appropriateness’ and follow the stereotypical decrees of society.

Call them bold, fearless, or powerful, but they are women who reveal a contagious magnetic energy when they walk into a room. These women inspire others who have long doubted their inner strengths.

Here are 7 bold fictional women who don’t buy into stereotypes about dating and rock with their unique dating chutzpah.

(Of course, these bold women are not confined to celluloid but include women like you and me too! For those of us who’d like to pursue your search for a friend and partner in a safe environment, there are new products like Woo, a handy matchmaking app that Indian singles are rapidly signing on for.)

1. “You are Mr. Right? Well let me decide.”

In a world where being single often rings the ‘something is wrong with her’ bell, it’s refreshing to meet a woman like Maggie Carpenter from The Runaway Bride who lives life on her own terms. Strong women aren’t looking for a saviour who will salvage them from the judging eyes of the society. They are just looking for a partner; a partner who is not overpowering but empowering.

2. Don’t judge a book by its cover!

“No one will remember you Joe Fox. No one will remember me either. But everyone will remember my mother and her store and how amazing it was. You are nothing but a suit”. Strong words from a woman who isn’t delusional but clearly knows her mind, her needs and what she wants in life. The quintessential romcom, You’ve Got Mail, is about Kathleen Kelly, a struggling bookstore owner (Meg Ryan) facing tough competition from a leading bookstore led by Joe Fox (Tom Hanks). Eventually, they find love in each other after meeting anonymously online. Kathleen personifies a woman who is driven by her passion. She is not afraid of challenges but greets them with conviction. Her go-getter attitude and strong sense of belief in herself is reflected when she goes out to meet her anonymous Internet lover in person because real life connections need real face-time.

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3. Age is just a number

‘I love you, but I love me more,’ says the undaunted, enigmatic and eccentric Samantha Jones from Sex And The City. The character of Samantha Jones endorses the phrase that ‘Age is just a number’. It is just a number as long as your spirit remains unbeaten despite the pickle you are in. Life doesn’t offer you opportunities served on a plate; you just have to push your way through and grab it. Your right to be happy is not defined by your age but by your innate desire to be happy. Love can blossom in any season or age; you just have to keep looking.

4. Take the initiative, go the distance because first impressions are not always correct!

Love doesn’t find you, you have to find love. The next movie on this list is P.S. I Love You. It revolves around Jerry (Gerard Butler) and Holly (Hilary Swank). But I won’t talk about them; I will talk about one of Holly’s BFFs Denise (Lisa Kudrow). Denise is a character who is single, successful, and is seeking the right partner. Denise knows exactly what kind of person she wants and she refuses to settle for the ‘okay one’ because she knows “she deserves the best”. It is okay to be sceptical about the future like Denise; but you can’t learn swimming if you stand on the bank and just test the waters. Denise takes charge of her life, goes out, talks to people, and settles down with the one who truly deserves her. So go the extra mile; seek happiness because you are totally worth it.

5. “A strong woman builds her own world. She is one who is wise enough to know that it will attract the man she will gladly share it with.” – Ellen J. Barrier

Erin Brockovitch is a movie named after a real life woman by the same name which not only makes this movie more gratifying but also more realistic. Every time I watch this movie, I walk away feeling strong and empowered! The single mom character played by Julia Roberts singlehandedly takes down a large corrupt company that had been polluting the town’s water table causing serious health trouble for the residents. Erin’s character personifies a strong, independent and self-driven woman and also tells us that women can achieve anything they set their hearts and their minds on. Erin finally meets a man who respects her for the person she is. Seeking love doesn’t mean you have to fit into the perception of the other person. It means being yourself so that you attract the right person who loves you just the way you are.

6. ‘I am a woman, hear me roar!’

The movie Legally Blonde starring Elle (Reese Witherspoon) is about an independent, determined, strong woman who not only gets into Harvard Law School but also comes out of it with flying colours. Yes, she is a blonde, she loves pink and carries a Chihuahua with her but she is also a woman who clearly knows what she wants, speaks her mind with confidence, and doesn’t believe in mincing her words. As Elle puts it “have faith in yourself”. The right person isn’t there to rescue you; he will be there to walk the journey of life with you without pretentions.

7. “…happiness does not come from love, wealth, or power but the pursuit of attainable goals.” – Helen Fielding

Bridget Jones Diary is a cult movie that shows the female protagonist who embraces her single, independent lifestyle in style and without compromise. Bridget Jones is a woman who strikes the right notes when it comes to balancing her public and private life. Her character empowers single women who want to find the right partner but without compromising on their life’s priorities.

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