5 Reasons To Own An Awesome Selfie Phone Today!

With the rise of social media, photo and video sharing have become a phenomenon, which we love. Thus, having a good selfie phone takes us a long way!

With the rise of social media, photo and video sharing have become a phenomenon, which we love. Thus, having a good selfie phone takes us a long way!

Mobile phones are not just for talking anymore! Selfies have become the current trend among young, old, actors, and politicians and there is even a recent super hit Bollywood song about it! While selfies are fun, they can be much more than just taking a picture and getting likes.

Let us quickly see how a good camera in mobile phones has become essential, and especially – the number of things you can do with selfie phones!

Can you please take my photo?

When we went for our honeymoon, 90% of our photos were solos and the reasons are – 1. There was nobody in the vicinity in some places and 2. We were apprehensive about asking strangers all the time to click our pictures. With the ability to take selfies, there is no need to worry now! Also, my younger sister who likes to get her pictures clicked every now and then, used to drain out my energy with so many re-takes!  She doesn’t ask me or anyone at home from the time she got her mobile with a good selfie camera.


The joy of reaching out to people with blogging has taken a different level altogether with the introduction of vlogs (video blogs). Blogging is a creative territory and often happens best when you don’t wait till the next day to put your ideas through. A selfie phone comes in very handy when you are doing a vlog and can be done instantaneously from anywhere.

Solo you go – But never really alone!

Traveling solo has never been so much fun! There have been so many inspiring blogs about traveling solo on how you get to unlearn and relearn many basic things about life. But yes, when you go on a solo trip and that too when you wish to travel to unconventional places, do you feel like you are missing any important memories? Of course not! Pack light, travel solo, but be sure to carry a selfie phone to carry back those beautiful memories with you forever.

Photo sharing apps

Unless you are a professional photographer, it is practically difficult to carry your camera gear all the time. But I feel like sharing things with my friends and family when I encounter an antique car or a unique themed restaurant or the sudden flock of parrots that sit on the coconut tree near my balcony! These things make me feel like taking a picture right then and also share it right away – the moment is lost if I wait! And that is why photo sharing apps are in huge demand and so are selfie phones! I feel so even more  after my child was born as kids, in general, do a lot of new things everyday -I know you don’t want to miss any of these either!

Share your DIY videos

The Internet is flooded with ‘How To’ posts these days. There are numerous versions of these kinds of posts, starting from how to use different software tools to how to create DIY home décor to how to bake. Often we are alone when we want to take a photo/video of the baking of the chocolate cake in steps. And sometimes you would want to quickly record the process of making the birthday décor as you would not repeat it every other day. Having a selfie phone is convenient in many ways.

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Have you ever felt that you would not have that beautiful memory had it not been for a selfie phone? Share your profound selfie memories with us. A picture is worth a thousand words indeed!

Here is a video for you on the upcoming much-awaited ASUS phone, that’s all about great selfies.


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