Why Every Woman Should Blog

Blogging offers so much more than just the possibility of some added income. Here's why every woman should blog!


Blogging offers so much more than just the possibility of some added income. Here’s why every woman should blog!

Lately, I have come across plenty of women who answer the question, “What do you do” with – “I am a stay at home mum…” I have nothing against this term or the super moms who take up this full time job of taking care of the house, the kids and the household operations. This is a huge responsibility…but I personally feel there can be a better answer to that question. How about, “I am a blogger” or a “Mom Blogger”?

There are numerous articles out there sharing why one should blog. The reasons for starting a blog vary from building your brand, to validating your expertise to making money from home.

As a woman and a professional blogger with tons of stay at home mum friends, I look at blogging in a completely different light; I mean Yes, blogging does make you smarter, helps you create your brand and in some cases (although very few) brings in some money.

However, being a professional blogger for past five years has taught me so much more than just building an online brand. Therefore here’s why, I feel every woman should start a blog today.

Sense of accomplishment

I wrote my first blog post in 2008. It was a restaurant review. Cooking being my passion, I focused on only food related and recipe posts. I shared my cooking experiences and family recipes. Slowly from two posts a week I increased to five, and saw the traffic grow slow and steady while the comments started increasing. Seeing the increasing traffic numbers help so much, but the sense of accomplishment, alone, was enough to keep me going. Today the humble blog has grown in to a full fledged site with a team of five employees.

Share your stories & connect with minds alike

Blogging is a powerful tool to share and learn. It has taught me so much about life and beyond. I shared my stories and opinions in a way I wanted to, without any apprehensions and reservations. When you sit to pen down your opinions, it makes you revisit your opinions and develop thoughts.

Many fellow bloggers connected with me directly after reading my posts and today I have friends from all over the globe…

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Confidence Booster

When I earned by first buck through a blog, the confidence in me – that I could do something on my own, quadrupled. It slowly gave me courage to quit my job and become a full time blogger and now a digital marketer. The sense of accomplishment too had a huge role to play in boosting my confidence

Inspire others too!

I shared my digital marketing experiences on a blog I started in 2012; little did I know that a lady from China was following all my posts and had started her own online consultancy. When she connected with me via email, I was amazed to learn that my blog actually inspired someone to this extent.

I urge you to start blogging too. You never know, in the process you may accomplish so much more than expected and inspire someone with your ideas and stories. I believe every blogger is an entrepreneur in her own right!

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