5 Blogs Every Woman Should Read

If you are a woman and love reading blogs, here are 5 blogs every woman should read. They will definitely add a lot to you!

If you are a woman and love reading blogs, here are 5 blogs every woman should read. They will definitely add a lot to your learning!

I love to read blogs. I confess, most of my time is spent reading them. They take me through the various worlds of people I might never know and it’s interesting to read a plethora of perspectives. Some blogs are so good that they can give the big boys in the traditional media a run for their money. If I reflect on the blogs I really like, here are five I think every woman should read.

These blogs are perfect for working mums and stay-at-home mums as well as for young 20 somethings.


Blogger: Stephanie Holland
Why I love this blog:
It makes me realise how brands target practically 90% of products to women! Stephanie smartly taglines her blog as “A guys guide to marketing to women.” I absolutely love her articles, all of which are based on research and facts.


Blogger: Kelly Kautz
Why I love this blog: Kelly is an art lover; she hates pushy marketing and is on a mission to prove that marketing doesn’t need to suck! Her posts are informative and tactical. She was one of the first few bloggers I started following when I entered the blogosphere myself.  This blog is a must read if you are a newbie blogger.

Generation meh

Blogger: Maureen Henderson
Why I love this blog: This blog is packed with practical personal development tips, tricks, and guidance. I love her style of writing. Every post is a short story which doesn’t fail to kindle my thoughts.


Blogger: Charukesi Ramadurai (Read Charu’s interview on travel writing with Women’s Web)
Why I love this blog: I first saw her TED talk early this year and loved how she inspires everyone to overcome their excuses and take that first trip. Her travelogues are stimulating and make me want to travel solo (for leisure) someday!

Cordelia calls it quits

Blogger:  Kelly Gurnett a.k.a Cordelia
Why I love this blog: I love her for being a straightforward, opinionated woman who urges all to live life without regrets. I am quite sure most of us can relate to her posts and go “ahh that sounds familiar” Every post of hers makes me want to change subtle things in my life.

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I hope you too enjoy these blogs!

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