#AajKalKeBacche: Share Your Parenting Stories!

Posted: July 7, 2015

Have a funny or interesting story to share about being a parent today? Participate in the Women’s Web – Kid Social Shell #AajKalKeBacche blogger contest.

#AajKalKeBacche! How often have you said that? (“Kids Today!” for our non-Hindi speaking readers)

Children today are growing up in a connected world, and there’s no getting away from that!

You can love it, hate it, tolerate it – but as a modern parent, you cannot avoid this social world that kids are growing up in.

Here’s your chance to write about #AajKalKeBacche and share your thoughts, experiences, and life as a parent today.

Update: Prizes Announced!

Thank you all for participating! The teams at Women’s Web as well as Kid Social Shell enjoyed reading your entries. We know you are eager to know the prize winners, so here we go. 

The 1st prize (a Rs.3000 shopping voucher) goes to Preethi Venugopala, for her post, When Karma Returns

The 2nd prize (a Rs.2000 shopping voucher) goes to Satarupa Chakravarthy for her post, Confessions, Apologies…and a whole lot of truth

The 3rd prize (a Rs.1000 shopping voucher) goes to Poonam Khanduja for her post, Curiously Smart, Kiddo!

5 participation prizes (each receives a cool coffee mug and key chain from Kid Social Shell) go to Sridevi Datta, Mersha, Sreesha Divakaran, Deepa R. Krishnan and Jeydevi

PLUS, The 5 Most Hilarious Posts to each win a minion themed pencil case are from Sowjanya, TravellingFeetJo, Shilarya, Ashreyamom and Deepa.

Thank you all for participating – do stay tuned for more such contests and other initiatives from Women’s Web!

Start writing your post!

Step 1: Write a blog post on your blog around the theme, #AajKalKeBacche. Feel free to be crazy, serious and all things in-between.

Some of the things you could write about:

  • A funny moment in your child’s life – what is childhood like today
  • Your thoughts on parenting in a connected world
  • Dramas at home caused by negotiations over technology and gadgets!
  • Tech stuff that you and your child like to do together
  • Tips & suggestions for other parents, especially if your child is older, and you’ve been through this phase already

 Step 2: Make sure to add this paragraph to your post:

“This blogger contest is supported by Kid Social Shell, a unique digital parenting platform with 11 gaming-learning apps. Use it play 3D nursery rhymes, counting number games, shapes games, fun math worksheets, coloring games and more!”

Step 3: Submit a link to your blogpost in the comments section below with your name.

And…you are done! (You could also use the hashtag #AajKalKeBacche to post your blog on social media)


Your post must be written and submitted here before 21st July 26th July 10PM IST. (This contest has been extended by a few days, on account of many of our readers having missed it at the beginning, and requesting for a few more days, so here’s your chance to send in your post now!)

Fun Prizes!

Here are the fun prizes courtesy Kid Social Shell.

  • One First prize winner gets a Rs.3000 Flipkart shopping voucher
  • One Second prize winner gets a Rs.2000 Flipkart shopping voucher
  • One Third prize winner gets a Rs.1000 Flipkart shopping voucher
  • Five participation prize winners each get a cool coffee mug and key chain from Kid Social Shell
  • PLUS, A SPECIAL CATEGORY PRIZE! 5 Most Hilarious posts also win a Minions Themed Pencil Case – your child is sure to love this one!

The Serious Sounding Terms and Conditions

  • A maximum of 2 blog post entries per participant
  • Blog posts that have incomplete links or do not fulfill other criteria mentioned above would not be considered for prizes
  • Mugs/key chains/pencil cases can be sent to cities in India only (besides any electronic vouchers which will be sent via email)
  • Editor’s and judge’s discretion is final

More about our contest sponsors

Kid Social Shell is a unique digital parenting platform that bridges the gap between parents and their children as it offers kids oriented learning content and rich productive parenting tools.

Some of the benefits offered by the Kid Social Shell platform are:

  • Learning with gamification

  • Monitoring your child’s performance.

  • Interacting with like minded parents

  • A secure hub for kids

The app consists of 11 gaming-learning applications such as 3D Nursery Rhymes, Counting Number Games, Math Worksheet, Shapes games, Coloring games and 6 others.

Download the app on your mobile here.






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  1. Here’s mine. I want to be a learner always as far as parenting is concerned so this is special.

    • Dixy that is a very thoughtful article, its the lack and ignorance of happy and fearless parenting techniques that leads to the tactics you have mentioned. a good lesson for all of parents.

  2. Hi,

    mera aajkal ka bachcha is a little box of surprises every day. One such incident is shared in the link below:


  3. Namrata Sadhvani -

    Hi, here’s my entry for the contest- ‘Let Kids Decide for Themselves!” Inspired by the antics of my twin boys aged 2.5 years 🙂

    “Our Aaj Kal Ke Bacche are our favorite people in this world. And I think that it’s such a cool thing to gift them-the ability to really help decide their own path from an early age.”


  4. Here’s My Entry for the ” Aaj Kal Ke Bacche” contest,


  5. Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.”
    ― James Baldwin –https://parwatisingari.wordpress.com/2015/07/20/in-my-mothers-foot-bringing-up-my-baby/

  6. NamrataSadhvani -

    Inspired enough to write a second entry for this contest 🙂

    “Technology, for us parents, is not scary. It’s full of potential and promise. Just like our #AajKalKeBacche !”


  7. Here’s my entry – http://sinjinisengupta.blogspot.in/2014/02/our-first-ptm.html?m=1

    Hopefully will write another one if my daughter lets me to.

    Cheers for these wonderful contests. Thanks much.

    • Thank you for your entry Sinjini! Do remember to add the link to Kid Social Shell so that all contest rules are followed and we can include you in the judging.

      And – if you plan to submit a second entry, you have 10 hours to go 🙂

  8. Here is my entry for the contest. Had some laughs writing this post.

  9. #Aaj kal ke bache
    here are my experiences and I am happy to share it with you all.

  10. Pingback: Confessions, apologies and a whole lot of truth..An open letter to my girl. | Random Ramblings...

  11. Antara banerjee -

    #Aaj kal ke bache# – http://wp.me/p6vzLI-8

    • Thank you for your entry Antarai! Do remember to add the link to Kid Social Shell so that all contest rules are followed and we can include you in the judging.

  12. Here is my entry


    Enjoyed compiling this post! Hope you guys have fun reading it.

  13. My entry https://maamusings.wordpress.com/2015/07/26/kidlogic-vs-momlogic/
    Thanks to the context, I finally penned down cherished memories

  14. Phew! Just made it… with Why i never say #AajKalKeBacche #womensweb! http://swatisrai.blogspot.in

  15. Here is my second post about the wise, intelligent and absolutely stunning #ISMS from my little one

  16. Hi everyone,

    Here is my entry for Aaj Kal Ke Bacche contest!


    Hope you like it.

  17. My second entry for the contest…could not resist the minion temptation! 😉

  18. We are our own masters and enslaved by none.
    Free-spirited dreams govern our horizons, discovering the nuances of life as our own!

    My first association with Women’s Web, and I may be the most experienced person as far as parenting is concerned, of all the parents here. 🙂

    Curiously Smart, Kiddo!


  19. Hi, I’m travelling. Can I submit my post after 1.a.m tonight? Please? Will it be considered valid? Kindly let me know.

  20. Hi
    I still dint receive my prize, I mailed my address but dint get any reply back

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