#MomsForABetterWorld: Blogger Contest Winners!

While every mother who wrote in shared something special, these entries for the #MomsForABetterWorld blogger contest shone extra bright!

While every mother who wrote in shared something special, these entries for the #MomsForABetterWorld blogger contest shone extra bright!

In May, we released the first ever Women’s Web video, with the support of our community members – we asked moms to share what they teach their children, to make this world better, and used your thoughts to put together the #MomsForABetterWorld video.

If you haven’t yet seen it, here it is below!

We didn’t stop with that. To get more moms talking about a better world, we asked bloggers to share their thoughts as well, on this simple, yet meaningful question: What would you like to tell your child so he/she makes the world a better place?

While many of you blogged your ideas, your experiences, (and the team enjoyed reading every single one of these), we had to pick a few winning entries from all these lovely posts. It was a tough task, and took us a week to do, but here they are!

1st Prize

For A Better World, by Shail

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“Be your own persons, not mere extensions of the one who gave you birth.” – Shail’s post is so relevant in the Indian context, where children are often made to feel guilty for any independence in thought or action.

2nd Prizes

The Worth Of Self Worth, by Meha Sharma

“…if each one of us makes up our minds to feel good about ourselves, half our woes will disappear.” – Meha talks about self-esteem and why she does not encourage her daughter to be too modest.

Break The Silence, by Pooja Sharma Rao

“Almost every person I have talked to about this has recalled some or the other incident of some kind of abusive behaviour they have witnessed or experienced as a child.” – Pooja on why she makes it a point to tell her six year old about good touch, bad touch and ownership of her own body.

Meha and Pooja will each receive an Amazon gift Voucher worth Rs.500 + a gift hamper from Mother’s Recipe worth Rs.250

3rd Prizes

Teaching Kids To Make Responsible Decisions, by Namrata Sadhvani

“If there is only one gift which I can give them, it is the capability to take decisions keeping in mind what is best for themselves, for people who are around them and generally for the society.” – Namrata believes that with children gradually spending more time away from home, parents need to encourage and empower them to think through their decisions.

Be Fiercely Independent, by Laksh 

“Go live your life. Find happiness with other people. Make friends, fall in love, build your family. But, be fiercely independent through it all.” – Laksh has a very short but sweet and super-empowering message for her kids.

A Legacy Of Love, by Roohi Bhatnagar

“…my battles against any adversity has never shaken my faith in the belief that somewhere everyone, even the most hardened criminal is struggling to be good.” – Roohi wants to remind her daughter that there is goodness in the world, even in the midst of adversity that can make us bitter

Namrata, Laksh and Roohi will each receive a cool tote bag.

Participation Prizes

Be Organic, by Sowmya

“The one message I would like to give my child to make this world a better place is – learn how to be organic in life!” – Sowmya’s post is a very different take on what ‘Organic’ means (no, it’s not just about food)

Letter To Angel, by Akshata

“Only with empathy, can you make a difference my child -not just to your life but to others as well.” – Akshata highlights the importance of empathy for others – even when we disagree with them or know that we are in the right.

A Gift Of Discernment, by Tikulicious 

“Let your children be. You can’t teach a sapling how to grow; you can only give it all it needs, sit back and watch.” – Tikulicious talks of her parenting philosophy, of giving her children space to learn and grow in their own ways.

Be A Big Green Warrior, My Little One, by Anubhooti Kabra Rathi

“Be sensitive. Be protective. Wherever you are, whatever you do, do it in a way which is least harmful to the planet.” – Anubhooti would like her son to be conscious of the fact that we are polluting the world we live in, and that we can make a difference too by our daily choices.
“While it is important to fulfil all your obligations, the foremost responsibility of a person is towards one’s own self.” – Gayatri reminds her daughter of the importance of the ‘I’ while not forgetting the ‘We’.
All participation prize winners receive a Women’s Web coffee mug.
While we can only have so many winners, thank you all for participating, each and every one of you – it was a pleasure reading all the entries!
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