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This Traveholic Loves Travelling in Groups. What’s Your Take?

Posted: May 9, 2015

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Travelling in groups can boost your holiday fun manifold – provided your fellow travellers share your passion for travel. What’s your take?

Traveling brings cheer and freshness to the mundane daily routine. It gives a new perpective to the pace of life. And best of all, it helps us grow and know ourselves better. I say so because I have experienced myriad changes in myself after every trip. The amazing destinations, exotic foods, local flavours and people that we meet indeed add beautiful memories to our lives.

To travel means to step out and explore the new. Traveling also means moving out of one’s comfort zone. It is fun but it can be equally freaky. In the past men, traveled near and far for trade and business while the women stayed back home. No one asked her if she wanted to see the world too, but now there is no stopping. There isn’t a women who would say she doesn’t love to travel. Women are on the go everywhere!

Being a woman, I have always been observant of the travelling habits of women. There is much that I have learnt from the seasoned travelers and the most intriguing thing is that most of them love to travel solo. No doubt they inspire us to take the plunge but when I talk to women around me at home and in the office, I have noticed that quite a large percentage of women have the urge to travel but are not confident about traveling alone. For the first attempt, they always seek a company or a travel group.

In fact, I know women who do not take trips because they have no one to travel with. Honestly, I would confess that I too am not much of a solo traveler because I am a talkative person and I fear boredom. Travel to me is fun when its done with a group of like-minded people. Sometimes, solo traveling can be good for the much-needed introspection but most of the times, it comes with a sense of fear.

What makes me so inclined to group traveling?

The most prominent reason is the feeling of safety and security. Anything that goes wrong is always better to handle with more heads than just one because tricky situations can be nerve-wracking. Incidents like boarding a wrong train or losing something important half-way do not make you panicky if you have someone to share your problem with. The feeling of protection is definitely a plus. Traveling alone means one has to be super cautious all the time.

There are many times when you can always leave your stuff with people in the group and do what you need without lugging the baggage everywhere. Traveling alone also makes many women feel awkward because some women are too shy to approach locals for a chat. At other times, as a human being, there are so many times in a day when one feels the urge to make conversations with an ally. Having company also reduces the stress that comes while traveling solo because one has to be on top of everything.

Travel in itself is great fun but when you have someone with whom you can chat, discuss, laugh over things, the holiday automatically becomes all the more interesting.

Travel in itself is great fun but when you have someone with whom you can chat, discuss, laugh over things, the holiday automatically becomes all the more interesting. With great company, come great experiences and memories for a lifetime. Many times the excitement and thrill doubles if you are with the right person or in the right company. The saddest of places or goof-ups on the way become adventurous when you have someone to laugh over with.

I have made some great friends through group traveling. Its not always necessary to travel in the company of friends and family – even strangers can be great travel buddies. What really matters is that the company you are in must share your passion for travel.

Till selfie sticks were invented, traveling solo meant very few pictures of one’s own. Financially too, to have company is comforting; it is just that one needs to be blessed with compatiable travelers. Splitting the expenses is a great way to travel on a low budget with a friend or family member. Every travel companion should give individual and group time to each other because this way, each one gets to do what they wish to do independently too.

Also, forcing one’s own itinerary on another is not the rule of the game. Overall, I believe fun-filled holidays are shared with people, friends, family better, except if you are looking for a retreat time for yourself.

What is you view? Do you like to travel solo or in groups?

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