A Style Of My Own [Blogging Contest]

Posted: February 3, 2015

Each person is unique and has her (or his) own signature sense of style. For this blogger contest, share your ‘style’ story, and win some lovely prizes too!

The reasons we have for dressing up are plenty and as unique as we are themselves! As we grow older we develop a sense of style, ‘a fashion’ which becomes our unique persona.

Some of us wear what we like and what we are comfortable with, while some of us embrace tradition and make it look beautiful. Some of us choose what to wear based on which top is cleaner and there are those of us who put in effort into what we wear and how we present ourselves to the world.

Share your stories with us and write about ‘your style’ on your blog and win an opportunity to shop for your wardrobe and express your style!

Women’s Web and Trishla emart invite you to write about your unique style or signature – what makes you unique.

Trishlaemart.com is a daily wear apparel shopping destination for those who seek to look stylish, attractive and trendy. Their range of apparels includes sleepwear, lingerie, ethnic wear, fashion wear, comfort wear and more from top Indian brands. Their aim is to provide the best online shopping experience to customers with delivery at your door step.

Besides focusing on high quality apparel, Trishla emart offers shipping to many International destinations too. They have a separate mobile store and offer express delivery at select locations.

You can also follow them at the Trishla emart FB page.

(Update) Winners

Thank you all for being patient with us, and we now have our winners, selected on the basis of writing style and creativity they brought to the topic.

First prize: Rads gets the first prize for her entry, My Personal Style. She wins an online shopping voucher at Trishla emart for Rs.3000.

Second prize: Mehreen Shaikh and Jayanti Chakraborty get the second prize, for their entries, Rouge and Rebellion and Defining Style: An alternate perspective. They will each receive an online shopping voucher at Trishla emart for Rs.2000.

Third prize: Kashmira Lad, Sowmya Sundaram and Vrushali J win the third prize for their entries, I’m Me, Atheism is a Religion and 9 Style mantras that make Me, Myself and IThey will each receive an online shopping voucher at Trishla emart for Rs.1000.

Plus every participant also receives will get a ‘participation prize’, a Rs. 250 coupon code valid on a minimum purchase of Rs. 2500/-

Wait…we’re not done yet!

We’re also giving away 5 Women’s Web coffee mugs to 5 other noteworthy entries, and these are:

Congratulations to everyone, and we’ll be getting in touch with you soon!

How to participate

  1. Blog about what makes you unique and defines your style. You could be a fashionista or someone who makes the same pair of jeans work for all functions. You could be a pro at carrying off a saree or someone who thanks the inventor of shorts! Whatever your style, tell us about it. (Your style could be something abstract also like your habit of wearing only silver nail polish. We are sure you have many stories to tell – we are listening!)

  2. Begin your note with a mention that this post is being written as part of the Women’s Web – Trishla eMart ‘A Style of My Own!’ campaign with a link to the Trishla emart website. For e.g. “This post is my expression of style for the ‘A Style Of My Own’ blogger contest by Women’s Web and Trishla emart (or feel free to frame your own!)

  3. Leave a link to your blog post here in the comments section so we include your entry. That’s it!

Contest Dates

This contest will be open from 3nd February to 17th February 23rd February (extended by 4 days to give you one more weekend to write!). Do make sure your post is submitted here in the comments before 23rd February 10 PM IST.

The prizes

The folks at Trishla emart are giving away some lovely prizes that that will interest everyone…cos hey, we all need clothes, right? (Plus, there is a little something for every single person participating).

  • One amazing blogger will win the first prize, an online shopping voucher at Trishla emart for Rs.3000 (and they have pretty much every kind of apparel you would need for your wardrobe)
  • Two talented bloggers get second prizes, online vouchers worth Rs.2000 each at Trishla emart
  • There is more…..Three awesome bloggers will win third prize online vouchers at Trishla emart worth Rs.1000 each

And. It gets better.

  • Every participant (including the winners) will get a ‘participation prize’, a Rs. 250 coupon code valid on a minimum purchase of Rs. 2500/-


  • You are welcome to submit more than one entry, but we may pick the best entry from each blogger when considering for prizes. Plus, participation prizes will be limited to one voucher per blogger
  • Blog posts must be written between 3rd February and 17th 23rd (extended!). Do make sure your post is submitted here in the comments before 17th 23rd February 10 PM IST.
  • Prizes will be given only in the form of Vouchers/Coupon codes.
  • While bloggers from any location in the world are welcome to participate, vouchers/coupons will be valid in all these countries: India, US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Srilanka, Bangaldesh and Maldives.
  • To be eligible, posts must include a link to the Trishla emart website
  • Entries that do not respect the spirit of the competition and are the result of any activities such as spurious/multiple blogs for claiming prizes will be rejected. Judges’ decision on the winners is final.

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    • Congratulations on being the very first participant, Vrushali 🙂
      It would be great if you could place the link at the beginning itself, so its clear, what is being linked to.

  1. My entry for the contest. It sure was fun writing about my style. Thanks. http://inderpreetkaur.blogspot.in/2015/02/style-me.html

  2. Even though, I am not eligible for the prize since I work here. This is my entry since I could not resist writing this post. http://travelingnoodles.com/2015/02/07/my-travel-style-which-has-nothing-to-do-with-style/

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  5. My entry for the contest…Thanking you for making me pen down my style! https://jeydv.wordpress.com/2015/02/09/a-style-of-my-own/

  6. http://dreamerswati.blogspot.in/
    My entry for the contest.
    Thanks & Regards

  7. http://dreamerswati.blogspot.in/2015/02/a-style-of-my-own.html

    My entry for the contest with a corrected link.
    Apologies for inconvenience.

    Thanks & Regards


  8. hi < the style blog is such an exciting idea. I could not resist a little sequel to my earlier blog entry….just for fun : ). Thanks for reading…

  9. My entry for the blog:”A style of My Own”

  10. My entry

    P.S Due to problem with my internet connection I was forced to submit it without any editing.

  11. Here is my entry for the contest `style Of my Own`-http://www.auraofthoughts.com/2015/02/style-of-my-own.html

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  13. Thank you for informing me about the contest. Here’s my participating entry: http://obscureunnecessarydrama.blogspot.com/2015/02/rouge-and-rebellion.html

    That`s my style…
    loved the other wonderful articles…
    thank you for organizing this and yes, all the best to everyone…

  15. late due to some technical problem. pls do accept my post.

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  17. Posted my comments.. Hope it makes some sense! cheers! –

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  19. Nothing gets done unless last minute panic kicks in, now does it! Please find my post’s link for the ‘A Style Of My Own’ contest: http://wp.me/p53Dt6-5S

  20. When you don’t dress like everyone else, you don’t have to think like anyone else…
    And that will tell you everything there is to know about my style.

  21. Here’s my Poem-
    ” Graceful Style Of My Own”-
    Enjoyed writing this. Hope you like it 🙂
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  22. Hi Team,

    Thank you for such a beautiful theme. I loved expressing my thoughts about it 🙂

    My entry- http://life-camera-fashion.blogspot.in/2015/02/my-style-is-my-way-to-tell-my-story.html

  23. Congratulations to all winners and also Women’s web and Trishla for conducting this 🙂

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