#FreedomIs : 10 Things That Define Freedom For Me

What does Freedom mean to you? Here is a list of ten things that define freedom for the average Indian woman.

The #FreedomIs campaign asked readers to share their idea of what freedom is, and what freedoms they wanted, through a selfie with a message. The results were varied and beautiful. 

You can see the collection of #FreedomIs selfies here.

To me, #FreedomIs

Not being judged by what we  wear

  • Having the liberty to sport a bikini on a beach, without being gaped at.

  • Not being asked to cover up because we would be raped by some goons, or to avoid the ugly ogling. Instead, standing up with us to fight these shameful and disgusting acts.

Being able to feel safe in any part of the country

  • Without having to think twice about staying on roads late at night
  • To be able to hang out with our buddies and have night-outs just like guys do.

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Not having to worry about shaving our legs

  • Or about maintaining that perfect body; or about having  flawless skin or the need to appear our best every time we step out.

Instead, respecting our bodies and understanding that inner beauty is what matters.

Not being stereotyped

  • Because we are good at driving, and some of us even drive and own bikes.
  • Because many of us hate cooking and no, we don’t like owning kitchens at home.

  • Because not all of us like pink and it is not the only color that exists for us.

  • Because we cry when we want to let out our sadness and no, it is not a sign of weakness and we are not ashamed of it.

Being able to live without fear

  • To stand up and fight for what we believe in, without fear.

Not observing the meaningless practices set up by the patriarchal society

  • Because, marriage is not some business transaction and dowry is not a method of trade.
  • Because, we are not some commodities to be sold off, or a burden to our families.

Providing  education to all girls in a family

  • Because the kitchen is not a place for a young girl, school is.
  • Because knowledge is power, and a girl deserves to be educated as much as a boy does.

Letting us decide about the important things in life

  • Be it the right to marry the one whom we love; or our decision to not get married at all.
  • To have the liberty to choose our jobs, to decide whether or not to have kids;

  • To decide where and how our money should be spent

By not enforcing the feeling  that we are solely responsible to do all 

  • The household chores, taking care of kids or cooking – as we too deserve to sit back and relax on the couch after our hectic day at office.
  • Not make us feel guilty when we try hard to juggle between home and work and having it all- But understanding that both the partners are equally responsible in running a home.

Letting us  pursue our dreams, and follow our passions

By not tying us down and binding us by emotional manipulation. But, by letting us chase our dreams and find ourselves in the journey of life.

Pic credit: 31246066@N04 ( Used under a CC license)


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