A Response to Nandini Krishnan’s “Ode to an Angry Feminist”

Often, feminism is confused with misandry, and feminists are branded as 'haters' and 'angry'. Here is a delightfully strong message about what feminism truly means.

Often, feminism is confused with misandry, and feminists are branded as ‘haters’ and ‘angry’. Here is a delightfully strong message about what feminism truly means.

In a world that seems to be getting more and more unsafe for women, something like Feminism cannot afford to be misunderstood. I do not know which is worse: people who claim to be feminists and vocalize their misthoughts, or people who actually believe it and end up declaring to the world that they’re anti-feminist.

Here is a Response to Nandini Krishnan’s Ode to an Angry Feminist

Dear Ms. Nandini, I wish you’d see

how your ignorance borders crime.

Oh, and I’m sure you’ll soon discover

my poem here totally does rhyme.

Good god, how you made me laugh,

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your views so absurd, so freakin’ wrong!

Ever bothered finding out what feminism really means?

hold on, let me sing you a little song.

This ideology just tells people to respect themselves,

surely that’s nothing you should find funny or sick?

Some need space, some need support,

I don’t see what role genitalia plays in this idea so basic.

Oh yes, he can open her car door as long as he does it for love,

not to establish his superiority or strength.

Maybe she can be a home-maker (and a damn good one too),

as long that that’s her dream, she can follow it to any length.

Every girl can be a feminist and still love to cook,

would be foolish to otherwise even think.

Perhaps some respect and understanding is all she needs,

doesn’t matter If she likes black or prefers pink.

Eesh, no, it’s not just about the tragedies and sufferings women face

as society thinks them sinned.

Read into it, Nandini, It’s about freedom, it’s about flying,

it’s about leaving them dance along the wind.

Shouldn’t we, though, be concerned about women less privileged,

those who live outside our mind’s boundary?

Poor men are oppressed too, wouldn’t dare disagree,

but how many are aborted, raped and killed in the name of misandry?

Either way, Feminism helps both, though seems biased

as women currently need it at a greater degree.

Caring we are, maybe also empathizing and non-judgmental,

so what if the list also includes “being angry”?

Trying to expose what has been believed to be right,

we aren’t here to anything avenge.

It’s all about asking society to back off and let live,

we aren’t interested in seeking any revenge.

Very misunderstood creatures are we,

though all we do is make roles, a choice.

Expectedly (rolling eyes) we ourselves end up being stereotyped

as moody, angry or a blind hater of all boys.

So, do tell me, where exactly have you been looking

to have gotten your concepts so incorrect yet foolishly strong?

Oh, I don’t claim to be an expert, I’m still learning,

but it doesn’t take a genius to see that you’re utterly wrong.

Obviously not as good a poet as I’m a feminist,

for I couldn’t pull off the ‘vertical line’.

Needless, if you’d “be a doll” and read the first of every sentence,

I hope the message still comes across fine.


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