Ladies On The Loose: Women On Bikes

Women on bikes - not yet a common sight, but increasingly, not too rare! Sharing an account of some inspiring journeys by women.

Women on bikes – not yet a common sight, but increasingly, not too rare! Sharing an account of some inspiring journeys by women.

A bike ride to Leh and Ladakh seems like everyone’s travel destination nowadays. But who rides these bikes? Well, you’re in for a surprise!

We have all seen men preparing with their ever so loved Royal Enfields and biking their way to far away destinations. But did you think only men travel to exotic destinations on bikes? Well, well, well, I have some news for you! Take a reality check and watch these awesome ladies on the loose. On their bikes!

Ladies on the Loose is a group of kick-ass women who travel the world on their bikes. They see the world on two wheels and live their dreams of a motorcycle trip to distant locales. Be it heading to the markets of Marrakech, tackling the Karakoram Highway or cruising the Pan American to Tierra del Fuego, they have it all geared up. And – they have put together a DVD called The Achievable Dream based on these experiences.

As one of the Amazon reviews for the DVD says,  “It is well put together, moves along at a good pace, and is full of very useful information such as how to maintain yourself and your vehicle, what to ride and what you are likely to expect on the road….Importantly it is not just a dry informative watch. This is fun and you will find yourself chuckling as you watch these women riding their bikes around the world whilst dealing with the shortage of knickers and tampons. What they don’t lack is spirit and humour.”

It doesn’t underestimate the difficulties involved in world travel by motorcycle, but they show it’s possible. The women talk about practicalities such as packing, feminine hygiene on the road, following your instincts in dicey situations, and many more topics. If you are a woman who rides at all-cross country, dirt, racing, on the back, or however-this is a great video for you!

If this did not make you leave whatever you were doing right now and jump on a bike, I present you Chithra Priya who is the only Indian female bike rider to have completed the Saddle Sore endurance ride at 28.

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Chithra is an avid biker, who completed the grueling Saddlesore on a Honda CBR250R recently. But that is not her only achievement on two-wheels as she has also been a part of the first ever all women riding group to cross the Himalayas. Chithra learnt bike riding from her brothers, after her first bike race in Tamil Nadu where she was the only girl to race with guys, she decided to pursue biking.

She once rode 7000 kms in 30 days starting from Kanya Kumari to Pune. She also covered a distance of 2000 kms from Delhi to Khardungla. Apart from that, she covered 1650 kms in 24 hours as part of the Saddlesore. It was a Bangalore to Pune and back to Bangalore trip.

When asked what she loves most about her bikes, she says her bike gives her freedom. She feels at peace and out of the world. She forgets all her worries when she is on her bike. She has had the best conversations on and with her bike. It is good company that listens to her and never lets her down!

What is that one thing that makes you feel in such a way? I neither drive nor ride (read: can’t) but whenever I see my guy friends preparing for their summer trips to Ladakh and lovingly talking about their dear Bullets, I do get a tiny ping of envy on not being able to do so. Sometimes I wish I could ride a bike along a long empty road with the wind rustling in my ear and singing me sweet songs. I remember all those times I sat behind my guy friends/boyfriends while enjoying the backseat but also secretly wishing I could control the gears. Alas, some day!

What are your favorite memories of bike rides or road trips that you’d like to share? Do you enjoy driving alone? Have you ever been on a road trip alone which you enjoyed to the fullest? Tell us!

Pic of Chithra Priya used as a top image taken from the youtube video featured



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