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13 Lessons Before 30

Posted: April 23, 2012

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Guest Blogger Paromita Bardoloi says she is a dreamer by profession and a writer by choice. She uses words to express her love for life and she considers life her beloved.

There are not too many years between me and the thirties. As, I look back at my twenties, I realize how much the so called TWENTIES make us what we are. We graduate from school, and then come the first job, the first real relationship and the first real break up. We face life first hand. Here are a few lessons I learnt as a woman, which enriched me for a lifetime.

1. If they are not treating you right, JUST LEAVE IT. It might be a relationship, a job or a friendship, you deserve much more than you think.

2. Every woman needs her women friends to survive. Build a network of girlfriends and it will save you many rainy days.

3. If you ever want to know a man, just fight with him. You will EXACTLY know where he comes from.

4. Know when it is OVER. Going through his facebook page or having those never ending conversation on your head over ,what should had been the final dialogue WON’T CHANGE A THING. Give time. We all got over at some point and so shall you. No heartbreak is PERMANENT.

5. If you are having a toothache, cribbing about it to your best friend/ boy friend /mother just do not help. Visit a dentist. The point is whenever in trouble call up someone who can HELP not someone who can TALK about it.

6. If your parents especially your mother is vehemently against something you have decided, just give that decision two days time. You MIGHT just want to change your mind.

7. Give people TIME. If someone is not taking your calls or returning them, just wait. It might be that they are having their own share of issues.

8. Your sexuality is your business and no one else. It’s your body and remains yours.

9. Know about your money first hand. It’s good to have advisors, but it’s your money; KNOW where it is going.

10. Male friends don’t just start calling after 11 pm. If someone is, then know that the person has agendas.

11. If you have one male friend with whom you can take a long walk with once a while; treasure that friend.

12. If anyone you meet talks only about their PAIN in life. Remember, pain is his/her comfort zone. That person wants attention not a SOLUTION.

13. Finally, this last piece of learning might be cliché, but this cliché still holds true. No one is PERFECT.  We are here to make a complete journey with all our imperfections. Love your imperfections to make a WHOLE journey.

These are the few lessons that I learnt through my mistakes and failures. I am sure we all do. When I was a college kid someone showed me a postcard that read, “Life is a university where admission is open to all.” And yes, it is, I am still learning and awed at its lessons.

*Photo credit: Graceful Cake Creations (Used under the Creative Commons Attribution License)

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