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Posted: March 25, 2012

This edition, we feature crimes against women and annoyingly persistent gender stereotypes.

Street harassment is not fun. And rightly too. For “why should we have our private space invaded by complete strangers, our bodies judged by men we have no interest in, our attention demanded for no good?”

“Describe myself as an entrepreneur? Impressive. Tell people that I work with moms? Cute.” – Jill Salzman shares her experience of affirming her parental status in professional spaces.

“The network of anonymity, invisibility and indifference creates a narrative which is less like an event and more like an abstract statistic.” A pertinent post on the chilling impersonality of gang rape.

A salon in France has been brightening the lives of disadvantaged women. Who said beauty was skin deep?

“Putting labels on terrible crimes against women, and affiliating a manifestation of abuse with one culture or community above any other doesn’t solve any problems.” Huma Quereshi on ethnicity and gender violence in the UK.

Ladylike – A chance incident has the writer wondering on gender assumptions.

In a thought-provoking post, the Goddess slams a society that squares a woman’s life as the sum of her financial worth or marital status.

*Photo credit: European Parliament (Used under the Creative Commons Attribution License)

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