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Education, menstruation, humiliation, restriction – In this edition, we bring you stories from different parts of the world.

“How do you define ‘beautiful’? And how is it different from ‘very beautiful’? What about ‘fair’ and ‘very fair’? And what exactly constitutes ‘respectable’?” – Ranjani examines gender bias inherent in the Indian society through the lens of matrimonial advertisements.

A compelling post on why men should also consider feminism from Sakhi, who believes that “feminism isn’t only about women trying to step ‘out’ and prove their place in the world, or ‘show’ men how they can do everything men do, it is about men accepting the feminine within themselves, and not being afraid to express it!”

Be it recent Gurgaon rape, or Jo Chandler in the 90s – the verdict has always been to curtail a woman’s freedom. But, this writer will not relinquish her right to move singly and freely.

In this penal institution, women visitors are shorn of all dignity.

Domestic violence begins with a single slap.

Far away from the madding crowds, in an art village, feminism is a way of life and livelihood.

Napkin‘ is a poignant tale of a woman’s harrowing menstruation experience. Without the luxury of sanitary napkins! The writer Sankari moves you with her account – “I was completely unaware of the idea of use-and-throw. And the price of one day’s freedom was a several-kilometer-long walk! Even today when I think of it, it hurts.”

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This NGO has been changing the lives of women in rural Africa through education. Three cheers and hip hip hurray to girl power!

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