Beauty From “Junk”: Prishth

Anumeha Fatehpuria, Founder of prishth, one of the unique brands participating in the Women's Web New Year's giveaway shares her story

As part of the Women’s Web New Year’s Giveaway Hamper, 5 brands are giving away unique products – each with a story behind them. Anumeha Fatehpuria, the founder of paper products brand, prishth, shares her story here.

The prishth diaries that form part of the hamper are made with handmade paper, some containing flower petals. A few diaries are in the form of a book and others in the form of a writing pad. The cloth material that has been used as the cover of the diaries gets its colours from natural dyes. To be one of the lucky 10 winners selected to receive the giveaway, you must be a registered user – go here!

prishth was founded in 2004 though its inception lay in several attempts at making things with precious materials that can be classified as ‘junk’; empty bottles from the kitchen, bits of wood stolen from carpenters working around the house, empty paper rolls picked up from the street and of course lots and lots of paper from under my father’s desk at work.

It started to take shape as an expression of my creative side through colours of and on paper while I was studying to build skills for expressing my thoughts through words on paper at my Journalism school, burning the midnight oil for both and even today they go hand in hand.

prishth comes from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘page or paper’. It is also an expression of the beauty that I see around me; beauty that comes from the earth and will go back into earth itself. prishth is like the soul; it never dies, it only changes form.

With that as part of its personality, products at prishth come alive by using many materials, some of them being recycled. Love is an inspiration and the driving force behind what is made here. Material that is no longer beautiful to previous users or owners is embraced by prishth and is lovingly and respectfully included in its products.

While designing a product I keep simple lines and clean backgrounds so that patterns and textures shine through. Items like greeting cards, jewellery and others have very intricate work where each element of the design is made by hand. Time is a precious resource at prishth but is used generously while designing a product and while executing that design.

Many women have found a platform to learn, share and show off their skills at prishth. These women came from small villages surrounding Calcutta, (when I was operating prishth from there).

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They have made it possible for prishth to take up large projects like the conference kits at the All India Rose Convention in 2004, the Shatrang exhibition at the Tata Centenary Event in 2008 and several solo and group exhibitions over the years, including the recent one at Kitsch Mandi this month.

Other than exhibitions, products from prishth are available online, at Do visit and take a look at all that’s available.

prishth focuses on paper products and has also forayed into jewellery made with paper. It is inspired and is gaining immense popularity. prishth also designs and customises cards for all occasions and celebrations.

Along with products that a readily available to buy, prishth also personalizes designs according to the customer’s requirements.

The process is simple; once you know what you like you can send me an email at [email protected] and I will revert to you with the pricing and other details. Once you confirm your order I will get started on the order and will keep you informed of the shipping/pick up details.

Be a bird! Fly high, but don’t forget to return to Earth. Let your wings touch the sky, but make sure your feet land softly on the ground. Think, dream, feel silently, in your mind and heart and express it only on a beautiful piece of paper, from prishth. 



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