A Little Knowledge, A Lot Of Creativity: Misha Crafts

Mital Lalan, Founder of Misha Crafts, one of the unique brands participating in the Women's Web New Year's giveaway shares her story

handmade earringsAs part of the Women’s Web New Year’s Giveaway Hamper, 5 brands are giving away unique products – each with a story behind them. Mital Lalan, the founder of the handmade brand, Misha Crafts, shares her story here. 

Misha Crafts is giving a away a pair of handcrafted earrings as part of the giveaway. To be one of the lucky 10 winners selected to receive the giveaway, you must be a registered user – go here!

‘Misha’ crafts is just an extension of my hobby. What I do at Misha crafts is purely my imagination; I have not taken any course/classes to learn it nor have anyone working for me. It’s just about a little bit of basic knowledge and a large part of your creativity to make something new and interesting. I give a little touch to the ordinary and that does the magic. You will see that each of my pieces is a new creation; I avoid creating duplicating unless someone specifically wants it. That’s what makes it a ‘designer’ piece. Yes, you have to pay a price for it obviously, but which again is affordable, not unreachable! I always wanted to reach out to the common person who can enjoy owning ‘something exclusive’ without having to burn their pockets.

Handpainted and decorative diyas were unavailable down south until quite recently. Way back in 2004, to refresh my mind, I imported a collection of earthern lamps in unusual shapes like the peacock, lotus, swastik etc of different sizes from Mumbai to Madurai. I experimented with different types of colours, intricate bead and sequins work and exhibited them. They sold like hot cakes!

My bread baskets are another speciality, which I have changed from its boring usual to a designer piece by running some tube paints around on it and glueing sequins on it. Although termed as a Bread basket, practically I would call it a ‘multi-purpose’ basket, which can be used on the Dining table to store your jars or napkins or on your dressing table to throw in your rubberbands, clips, lipsticks, other accessories. Or yet, store your baby’s bibs, socks etc in it. A very, very handy product coming in different designs and colours.

Jewelry making happened accidently this summer while shopping in Mumbai when I saw a shop owner making it. He demonstrated the basics and I got so interested that I hunted for the raw materials. It was like diving into the ocean; you end up buying endlessly. This was purely to have something to do back home. Unique Fashion jewelry was a result, suitable for all ages but mostly the youngsters. One needs to know how to carry them off well. My collection is mostly ethnic, some with a contemporary mix. I’ve used a lot of Meenakari beads, crystals, imported Korean glass beads etc.

Experimenting with the jewelry finally led to Misha Crafts! I have done a couple of exhibitions in Madurai and Bangalore. The response has been good to start off with. The market for my products is huge, but at the same time competition is throttling. So for me, it is a learning experience yet.

You can find some of my collections on www.facebook.com/mishacrafts. Your feedback is important and welcome, it will help Misha Crafts grow.

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Better late than never…..here we go! Good luck to all other women entrepreneurs.


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