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Women’s Web was launched in April 2010 by the Founder-Editor, Aparna V.Singh. Realizing that most mainstream women’s magazines do not really address the needs of the average Indian woman, Aparna decided to start one to cater to the thinking Indian woman.

Initial challenges faced by Women’s Web

Being a start-up meant limited funds. So at first, Women’s Web had only one full time team member, which was Aparna herself. She was supported by an extended team of bloggers, writers as well as a tech team. Since Aparna came from a Communications background, she had little experience with building and maintaining websites. This resulted in a lot of initial hiccups, until a satisfactory tech team was finally found.

The response to Women’s Web was encouraging and as Women’s Web grew, so did the amount of work! A helping hand was surely needed. Thus Women’s Web expanded to a 2-member core team in 2011, apart from a series of efficient interns.

What does Women’s Web offer?

Women’s Web covers a wide range of topics such as Careers, Wellness, Parenting, Relationships, Food, Books and Travel among other things. We at Women’s Web always strive to consistently maintain a high quality of articles which are relevant to today’s Indian women, who face numerous challenges ranging from sexual harassment to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Some writers at Women’s Web have writing as their profession, while some do not. But we take extreme care to only accept work from sincere and talented writers who care about their work. Women’s Web does not accept shoddy work. All our articles go through a stringent editing process before being published.

We are also aware of the changing expectations and tastes of our readers and hence we try to come up with new sections and initiatives in order to keep up with them. For instance, Women’s Web started a series of podcasts titled Modern Family recently under Spotlight – where you can listen to discussions about evolving gender roles in the modern Indian family. Another new feature is our Design section and a series named Handmade Women, where we take an admiring look into the works of female designers from around the world. Some other popular initiatives include the Author’s Corner series, Travel The World With Kids series, As You Write It and much more!

What’s in store for Women’s Web?

Information is readily available in the well-connected and fast-paced world of today. Women’s Web does not want to add more to the deluge or churn out repetitive content. Our articles always have a unique approach and angle to them.

Women’s Web has grown tremendously over the years with lots of new readers joining us every day and spreading the word about us. We are extremely grateful for their continuous support. We still have a long way to go and each day brings us new learnings. We are aware that our readers are educated and intelligent women who refuse to hide behind shadows and are not afraid to have minds, voices and opinions of their own. Women’s Web will always aim to satisfy them by being a meaningful, progressive and useful magazine. We look forward to become a close-knit and engaging women’s community.

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