Why Did You Choose To Become A Woman In Business?

Women in business are constantly smashing stereotypes and changing the business scene. We believe that every business story is different and each one deserves to be heard!

What is your business story – we want to know!

Starting your own venture is not easy – the risks are high and navigating the challenges can sometimes be tricky. No two paths to success is the same and we believe each business story deserves to be heard! You are a powerful woman in business whose business story deserves to be heard!

Why share your business story on Women’s Web?

At Women’s Web, our mission is to help increase the participation of urban Indian women in the paid workforce from 19% to 30% by empowering them with content, learning, gigs, and opportunities. We aim to transform the landscape for urban Indian women, empowering them to thrive in the workforce and start their ventures.

We are India’s only digital platform that enables women at work through content and community. Since 2010, Women’s Web has grown from being user-generated media platform, to a platform that enables urban women to seek faster success in the early or mid stages of their careers or business. 

We believe that women continue to be the most untapped resource in the world and when supported, have the superpower to change the world.

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