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son preference
A Father Of Three Girls Speaks Out: Let Us Not Detest Girls

The love and support that girls give their parents is no lesser than that boys do. It is time we stopped devaluing girls.

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Great Expectations : You Should Have Been A Son!

Being a daughter means often being reminded that "You should have been a son". How does it feel to be told that you'll never be 'enough'? This post says it all.

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It Is Time We Stop Taking Such Blatant Gender Discrimination In India For Granted!
gender discrimination in India

Gender discrimination in India is a reality that we need to recognize in the seemingly ordinary occurrences around us, and help root it out.

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Two Daughters: Yes, You Heard Me Right The First Time!
It's a girl

An Indian mom feels blessed about having two daughters.But she wonders when society will stop viewing girl children as a burden.

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Who Will Protect Them From Us?

Why has all the outrage over son-preference and daughter-avoidance in India hardly made any difference to the sex-ratio?

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