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I am a life coach - I help empower women to step out of their 'should' and live their truest self.

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It’s A Relationship Red Flag If A Man Says “My Mom Did It Like This, Why Can’t You?”

The nostalgia you feel for home is rooted in someone’s silent, relentless labour– usually female, mostly likely your mother. So don't expect your partner to follow the same template.

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Women Need Truly Supportive Sisterhoods, Not Just Communities Limited To Family

Positive portrayals of women's relationships in media are rare, and often collapse under the weight of stereotypes, at a time when we need more supportive sisterhoods. 

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Do You Have A To-Don’t List? Here’s Why We All need One

What do you need to stop doing? Here's an urgent call (and a to-don't list) to stop the madness of hyper-productivity.

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4 Types Of Self Care To Think About For The Next Time You Need Some Me-Time!

Given how 2020 is progressing, self care is something all of us need! So here are four types of self-care to plan out your requirements!

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There Is No Work-Life ‘Balance’ Instead There Are Work-Life ‘Choices’ That We Make

As a professional woman, everyone wants to talk to you about work life balance. Your company is eager to market itself as supportive of work life balance.

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Makes Me Angry To Think Of The Privileged Wants We Rant About While Thousands Are Going Hungry

As a society we’re not very good at giving of ourselves as an act in itself. It's usually driven by rituals that involve token giving. We need to learn to give simply because we have some extras we can share.

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