4 Types Of Self Care To Think About For The Next Time You Need Some Me-Time!

Given how 2020 is progressing, self care is something all of us need! So here are four types of self-care to plan out your requirements!

Given how 2020 is progressing, self care is something all of us need! So here are four types of self-care to plan out your requirements!

Self care. Everyone’s talking about it, isn’t it? 

Given the times we’re in, it’s become more important than ever to take care of ourselves. It can make the difference in the quality of our interactions and what we have to offer our family and friends.  

But what is it exactly? Google the term and you will find thousands of articles trying to explain what it is. From personal stories, to talking about managing stress to a lot of them giving tips on how to achieve this ‘cared for’ state of being. And of course the whole, ‘treat yo’self movement’ which heavily relies on consumerist care – think  sheet masks, scented candles. 

Self care however, is a big term that covers many things and can mean different things for different people. Ultimately you’re the only one who knows what kind of care you need to plan for yourself. So how do you go about actually making one?

Here’s four types of self care to think about, a template if you will, as you plan out your self care requirements.


This one’s easy. It can include eating well, exercising and getting enough rest. And remember, you get to decide what is  useful for you under each of these. 


A positive state of mind has proven to do wonders for the rest of our life. Decide what gets you in a positive state of mind and try to indulge in it often. You could meditate, practice gratitude, dance unselfconsciously or simply take the extra five minutes to enjoy your coffee. Anything that eases that unconscious tension within you. You know, the kind that you don’t even notice till you release it?

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Think about what throws your emotions into confusion. Is it that phone call with a relative? Or is it checking emails even before you’ve gotten out of bed? How about that friend who always dumps on you yet never seems to be around when you need them?

Pay attention to what makes you feel bad and work towards addressing it. You’ll learn to respect your own boundaries. Nurturing only those relationships that nurture you or fuel only those habits that make you feel good about yourself.


I don’t know how many people think about this one. Think back to the last time you did something that absorbed you in the task. You didn’t realise where the time went. The result left you satisfied and energised.

Purpose isn’t necessarily passion. It is knowing why we do the things we do everyday. Not everyone will become a CEO, or a president or go on to change the world.

What we want to strive for is to do the things that make a difference. That contributes in a big or small way. We want to know we make a difference. That we matter.

It could be to our teams at work, our community, our immediate family or even just ourselves. Know why you do what you do. Ultimately you know your purpose and you can do yourself no greater favour than acknowledge what it is and run with it. Being true to yourself is a wonderful form of self care.

Picture credits: Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

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