Shivangi is the author of the hilarious yet compelling book 'I made a booboo', published by Rupa and available worldwide. She also co-authored a travel anthology on Netherlands, titled 'Dutched up' that featured among top travel books by WSJ. She is a graduate from ISB (Indian School of Business) and is either a marketer, dance performer, singer or an eternally inquisitive yogi when not playing mommy to her three year old.

Voice of Shivangi

I Am A Woman. Dear World, Let Me Just Be. Will You?

I am many things - as defined by societal expectations, but I am also myself. A woman with limitless possibilities. I am a woman. I just am.

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Then And Now : A Full Circle

Sometimes, the simplest lines carry the most depth. Here is a beautiful poem about the lessons time teaches us.

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Why have a baby
The Answer To The Question: Why Have A Baby?

Why have a baby? Just as a woman shouldn't need to provide on answer on why she doesn't want kids, she shouldn't have to give a rational answer on why she had one

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Circumstantial Feminism

Why India not only needs feminism, but it is the only way to live.

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The Me(a)n Jokes

What's with men and marriage jokes? If marriage makes men feel that trapped and unhappy, you'd think they'd stop going in for it!

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Tough life for babies
Babies Are Human Too

It's tough to be a baby these days - with the high expectations parents set for their offspring!

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