Shaswati Banerjee

The world around isn’t a fantasy tale and what happens is often beyond imagination. To such facts that are less stated beacuse they aren’t that pleasing and equality/ feminism that’s not bias/hypocritical

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WHY Shouldn’t I Talk To My Father About ‘Womanly’ Stuff?!

I was always taught not to talk to my father about "womanly" issues. But I don't see what gender has anything to do with being a capable parent.

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One Single Day Was Playing On Loop And I Decided To Take My Life, Forward…

It felt as if someone pressed the pause button of a romantic comedy and didn’t return to play the rest of the movie to see its ending.

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Feminism For Which Woman?

Many women get left out in mainstream feminist discussions about empowerment and the inherent class/caste bias needs to be addressed for inclusive "equality."

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Why Do Even Today Woman Are Considered Witches?

The list of atrocities on women is really long specially in India. But one that we most often forget is "woman being accused of witchcraft"

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