priya nagesh

Yoga Therapist, Energy-based healing (including Reiki) practitioner, and Poet living in Tiruvannamalai. As in Aug 2019, I have an almost 8-year-old daughter going on 68, a four-legged son, and only one numbers husband. We are all passionate about everything in Nature - trees, creepers, soil, insects, snakes, birds, the sunset, night sky...and each other.

Voice of priya nagesh

Rediscovering One’s Inner Rhythm And Joy Of Life – The Joie De Vivre

Finding the rhythms and cycles of Nature within oneself leads one to rediscover her own sense of inner delight and rhythm.

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Rani and Rani – A Story in Verse 

When you find the worth of self love and start enjoying life.

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This Navaratri, I Fought With My Demons Of Needing Approval & Validation As A Woman; Here’s My Story

My Navaratri celebration this year became a battle I waged against my inner demons of needing approval from society, and came out of, victorious.

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Choiceless Choices And Yet No Regrets? 6 Women In My Life Show Me How

A modern woman's fascinating journey of navigating loss, love, romance and learnings from the many #NoRegrets women role models in her life.

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Women's web
I Found The Women’s Web Community A Haven Of Acceptance And Women’s Stories

What does it feel like to be a member of the Women's Web community? A contributor shares what it's like to be in a space where women's stories have a voice and acceptance. 

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What If One’s Husband Is A Cook Par Excellence, Able To Whip Up A Feast On His Own?

A husband able to cook well is a blessing. And whom do we thank? His mother, of course, who was so farsighted on your account!

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Cultural Appropriation Of Yoga Is Toxic Masculinity

Cultural appropriation is a process by which practices, customs and rituals are adopted from one social group and used by another social group, mostly dominant, in unacknowledged and inappropriate ways.

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When Breath Becomes A Friend

“I have been with you for lifetimes. I am your friend, always waiting for you. Will you pause a while and smell the wild flowers with me?"

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Breathing Into Life

"On a frosty, wintry morning, breathe on the window and watch what it creates"

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