priya nagesh

Yoga therapist in the Krishnamacharya tradition who also adapts Reiki, chanting, life coaching & Ayurvedic practices in her healing spaces. She is committed to building collectives and communities that have the praxis of Yoga at their heart. She greatly values a hearty shared meal with friends and exchanging songs and stories around the fire. Her deeper yearnings and search for herself find spontaneous expression in poetry and play. She also works with alternative and meaningful educational processes and loves teaching children. She takes deep inspiration from nature and the heartbeat of Life.

Voice of priya nagesh

Rediscovering One’s Inner Rhythm And Joy Of Life – The Joie De Vivre

Finding the rhythms and cycles of Nature within oneself leads one to rediscover her own sense of inner delight and rhythm.

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Rani and Rani – A Story in Verse 

When you find the worth of self love and start enjoying life.

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This Navaratri, I Fought With My Demons Of Needing Approval & Validation As A Woman; Here’s My Story

My Navaratri celebration this year became a battle I waged against my inner demons of needing approval from society, and came out of, victorious.

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Choiceless Choices And Yet No Regrets? 6 Women In My Life Show Me How

A modern woman's fascinating journey of navigating loss, love, romance and learnings from the many #NoRegrets women role models in her life.

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Women's web
I Found The Women’s Web Community A Haven Of Acceptance And Women’s Stories

What does it feel like to be a member of the Women's Web community? A contributor shares what it's like to be in a space where women's stories have a voice and acceptance. 

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What If One’s Husband Is A Cook Par Excellence, Able To Whip Up A Feast On His Own?

A husband able to cook well is a blessing. And whom do we thank? His mother, of course, who was so farsighted on your account!

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Cultural Appropriation Of Yoga Is Toxic Masculinity

Cultural appropriation is a process by which practices, customs and rituals are adopted from one social group and used by another social group, mostly dominant, in unacknowledged and inappropriate ways.

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When Breath Becomes A Friend

“I have been with you for lifetimes. I am your friend, always waiting for you. Will you pause a while and smell the wild flowers with me?"

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Breathing Into Life

"On a frosty, wintry morning, breathe on the window and watch what it creates"

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