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Hi, I am Poulamee Pande, Clinical Data Manager by profession but not confined to my cubicle. When I am not working, I love writing about some of the orthodox societal norms, this is just a small step in making this society a much better place for the next generations to come. I love travelling and would love to share my experiences as well :-)

Voice of Poulamee Pande

I Am Enraged At #NotAllMen, A Convenient Way To Deflect Attention From #YesAllWomen

#YesAllWomen face groping, harassment, molestation at some point or the other. Why is it so important to focus on #NotAllMen instead?

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Men, Understand Privilege And Stop Trotting Out The “We Too Suffer” Pony Every Time Feminism Is Discussed!

A thoughtful post on society's perception of feminism, the real meaning of being a feminist and musings on the general biases around it.

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#ReadyToWait? No Way! I’m #HappyToBleed

Enough of this penalising of women for their biology. I'm happy to bleed! #HappyToBleed

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It Is Time We Chuck The Traditions And Culture That Weigh Down Only On Women’s Shoulders!

Growing up, I realized that the responsibility of carrying the traditions and culture in not very evenly distributed in society - most of it lies on a girl’s shoulders.

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So What Is Your Definition Of Beauty, Really?

So what is your definition of beauty? Fair skin, lustrous hair, great figure, or confidence, good health, and determination to be a good human being?

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