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Meenu believes in enjoying little things in life. Very social but at the same time could sit at home on a weekend and read a book instead!

Voice of Meenu Goenka

The Real Treasure Of Japan

Fuji San might be the icon and pride of Japan, but in my eyes, the people of Japan, their love, kindness and their helpful attitude towards foreigners, is Japan’s real treasure.

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breakfast bars
The Myth Of The ‘Healthy’ Breakfast Bars & Other Cereals – Are Busy Parents Being Hoodwinked?

Are breakfast bars healthy? What about your favourite cereal? If not, what is an ideal breakfast during busy mornings? Find out.

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Coach Manpreet Pannu Tells Us Why Health Coaching Is Becoming A Hot Profession

The world of nutrition and wellness is evolving and Health Coaching, a new approach which focuses on bio-individuality has emerged. Life evolves and sometimes it evolves in a way that makes us change the very course of our career. My health Coach Manpreet Pannu, who has been guiding me on various aspects of life, and not only health, […]

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Is Using Hand Sanitizers A Good Or A Bad Thing?

Hand sanitizers. These are widely used, and believed to kill harmful bacteria. So they must be good, right? Here's a look at how we're wrong.

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The Story Of A Girl Who Didn’t Give Up

This is the inspiring story of a woman who met life's challenges head on, and carved a life for herself despite the odds. 

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My Journey Towards A Healthier Lifestyle

Making small lifestyle changes can do wonders for your fitness levels and lead to a healthy body and a mind at peace. Here is my journey.

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This Japanese Lady’s Story Will Astonish You

This account of a Japanese lady's floral story will astonish you

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Cooking Matters: What I Learnt About My Kitchen and Nutrition

A woman talks about her journey with food, how she learnt about nutrition and finally fell in love with her kitchen.

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Are Diamonds Really A Woman’s Best Friend?

Are diamonds really a woman’s best friend? Can one find comfort in a diamond? Is a diamond able to console one during one's low moments?

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The Road Less Travelled: Ranbir Kaur Sahni’s Life In Tehran

Everyone has a personal journey, some take the easy routes, while a few others take roads less travelled. This is the story of a lady's life in Tehran.

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Third Culture Kids: A Cross-Culture Journey

Who are global nomads? Who are Third culture Kids? Where is the sense of identity? Here's a post that discusses some of these concepts in detail.

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working mother or stay at home mother
A Few Notes From Mothers On All Sides Of The “Work” Fence

Look past the stereotypes of stay at home mothers as leading boring lives, or working mothers as uncaring of their children - appreciate them all instead!

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one day trip to hiroshima
A One Day Trip To Hiroshima: Love, Peace And Forgiveness

A one day trip to Hiroshima gave this author and her son some poignant moments, and some lessons from a tragic chapter of history.

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