Janani Janarthanan

My name is Janani Janarthanan. I’m a 21-year-old student, who just completed her undergraduate degree with a triple major in Communications Media, English literature and Psychology. I live in Bangalore, India. An aspiring culture journalist, I’ve been a blogger of 4 years at yarnsofideas.wordpress.com. I’m a first-time short story writer exploring my writing and strengths as I go along.

Voice of Janani Janarthanan

The Prince Charming List

Generations of match-making had not prepared her for this situation. In fact, generations of match-making have been so unidimensional that parents are ill-equipped to understand, let alone deal with such a possibility.

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Being A MAN Of Consequence In A Man’s World

His father-in-law didn’t speak to him the way he had before. Meanwhile, his mother disapprovingly complained of her son’s ‘modern nonsense’ claiming that it was the result of his wife’s influence.

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