Dr. Lakshmi Ananth

Dr. Lakshmi Ananth is a doctor and a writer who wields both scalpel and pen with equal ease. She is also a cynic with a weakness for coffee, crossword and crochet.

Voice of Dr. Lakshmi Ananth

Are You Suffering From Anemia And Don’t Know About It?

Are you suffering from anemia? Here is what you should know about it. Also, how to prevent and cure it. A must read for eve

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You’re Not Alone: Six Tips To Manage Period Pain

Period pain (dysmenorrhea) is a common problem, but one we don't talk about. You don't have to suffer silently, though! Here are handy tips to manage period pain.

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Beyond The Pill: What’s New In Contraceptives?

What contraceptive options exist for Indian women? Information on contraceptive methods beyond the pill.

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10 Health And Nutrition Resolutions You Can Keep

As 2013 begins, check out these New Year resolutions for women’s health and nutrition – resolutions that are easy to keep!

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Health And Hygiene Tips For Women's Health
Health And Hygiene Tips For Your Vagina

Women’s health in terms of female hygiene is rarely discussed; here are the real health and hygiene tips for the vaginal area.

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Indian Women And The PCOS Story

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a common women’s health problem. A look at how it can disrupt your life and ways to handle it.

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Bridging The Doctor-Patient Communication Gap

Doctors are invaluable. But many Indian women feel disappointed with their doctors. How can doctor-patient communication be improved?

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Common Myths About Contraception In India

As most Indian women hesitate to discuss sex and sexual health, misconceptions about contraception abounds in India. Let’s bust some myths!

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Following Fad Diets For Weight Loss

We know that they affect women’s health; yet many Indian women succumb to fad diets for weight loss. Why?

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These Health Tips Help You Fight Chronic Fatigue And Tiredness

Many Indian women are puzzled by their chronic fatigue and everyday unexplained tiredness. Some health tips to help explain your fatigue.

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Health Tips To Handle Hypothyroidism In Women

Hypothyroidism in women is a common hormonal disorder which affects many Indian women. Some health tips to handle thyroid problems.

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