Deepra Dandekar is a feminist historian working on narratives of religion, community and violence in India, currently living with her husband in Germany.

Voice of Deepra

What The Childhood Game Of ‘Marriage Of Dolls’ Told Me Of Indian Marriages!

A poignant and insightful account wherein the writer reminisces the childhood game of 'marriage of dolls' and realizes years later that it was not just a silly game but an emblem.

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Thoughts After Mother’s Day: Mothers, Daughters And A Relationship Larger Than Love

Are mothers and daughters two different people? Or extensions of each other inextricably bound together in complex ways?

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What I Learned From Going Through A Hysterectomy

Opting for a hysterectomy is a decision that comes with several layers. This deeply personal account of going through a hysterectomy is illuminating on many levels.

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Why The Rape And Murder Of A “Maidservant” Should Matter To You

The recent judgement in the Achey Lal rape and murder case of a maidservant has larger implications for women in Indian society, says this post.

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Some Thoughts On An Alt-Diwali That Is Inclusive Of Everybody

How can we celebrate a more inclusive Diwali that is about reaching out beyond caste, class or religious boundaries? This post reflects on an alt-Diwali.

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That Terrible Dance Of Sexuality Where Women Don’t Play

Women are taught, as girls, to behave as passive objects of sexuality: to be admired and sought, but never express their own desires.

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Celebrating Anti-Child Sexual Abuse Movements

Child sexual abuse cases can be more complex than an 'outsider' harming your child. Abusers build easily on the rifts created in disturbed families

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Julie The Monkey: Motherhood ‘Interrupted’

Do animals have a sense of justice or a language to express their suffering and trauma?

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Maya and Durgi: A Short Story

What happened when a childhood playmate turned into a partner? What were the dimensions of such a relationship? A story of a man and two women

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A Janam Within A Janam

When women in India are given a life sentence and often disowned by their families, how do they cope in prison? An inspiring story

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Feminism and Sexuality

Can one define the power to make pleasurable and painful choices in terms of violence? Is consensual sexual game play that involves violence a choice beyond gender?

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A Woman’s Home

When a woman's marital home, where she tries to "belong" to a man and his world, becomes alienating and full of bondage

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Rape, Responsibility, Relationships and Some Questions

Some women are presumed to give "consent" to sex because of their behaviour or history

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Questions About Consent To Sex

Dealing with sexual abuse, sexual violence and rape in relationships of love and marriage

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