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Brand Strategist. Storyteller. Movie buff. Love rain, poetry and Coke Studio Pakistan, in no particular order. Go to line: Masses are always wrong.

Voice of Debarati Paul

Fairness Creams May Change Their Un-‘Fair’ Names But Will They Change Our Mindsets?

Are sales of fairness creams and products as simple as 'need meets demand'? Or do they fan an evil social practice of colour discrimination?

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support Tanishq ad
Why It Is Important To Support TATA For Taking Down The Tanishq Ad

It's important to applaud that Tanishq put employee safety first when faced with violence, instead of debating the rights and wrongs of the 'controversial' ad. 

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Period Leave – A Step Towards Breaking The Taboo

While menstruation remains a hush-hush topic, should women be forced to work through period pain? Why is period leave a topic of debate? Read further to find out

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