Antara Basu

Antara is currently a high school senior who intends to study law and international relations in the future. She considers herself to be an ardent feminist and advocates for LGBTQ+ rights. She is passionate about equity, intersectionality and believes that these are essential components in the fight for rights, equality and inclusivity.

Voice of Antara Basu

Criminalising Voluntary Sex Work Takes Away The Autonomy Women Have Over Their Bodies!

Sex work is a legitimate form of labour. And we cannot confuse it with trafficking. People should have the right over their bodies, right?

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To Nip Homophobia In The Bud, Our Schools Need Gay-Straight Alliances And LGBTQ+ Sensitisation

Can we deny the existence of LGBTQ+ students? And the bullying they have to encounter? Can we deny the dropout rates that keep rising amongst the community?

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