Anjali Sakhuja

Anjali has worked in the development sector for over two decades. She has worked on issues like prevention of child marriages, adolescent health and rights and life skills education for young people.

Voice of Anjali Sakhuja

Breaking the Silence: Normalizing Menstrual Health Conversations at the Workplace

With talk around periods becoming less taboo, how have the conversations around menstruation changed at work over time?

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I Could Leave An Abusive Marriage And Build A Career Only Because Of My Mom!

My mom was shocked to see how he behaved with me. This is when I realised that my husband’s behaviour was not normal and it was not my oversensitivity.

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‘Uncle Loves You Like A Daughter’ Is The Wrong Thing To Tell A Child Who May Be Sexually Abused!

He would hug her in front of her parents saying "she is my daughter." He tried to be very friendly with Neerja, would come to her room to chat with her and try and hug her, kiss her unnecessarily, and touch her inappropriately.

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