Alisha “Priti” Kirpalani

Alisha "Priti" Kirpalani is the author of "Out With Lanterns" a genre-breaking novel about the discovery of life, love and everything in between and "A Smattering of Darkness" a collection of short and shorter twisted tales dealing with the human psyche. She was acknowledged as a top writer in Feminism for her blog on Medium. Alisha lives in Mumbai along with her husband, two daughters, one cat and over a hundred board games. From full length novels to blogging to micro-fiction, she is known for the elegant language and insightful nature of her emotionally - charged writing. For further information, visit her website.

Voice of Alisha “Priti” Kirpalani

When My Daughter Called Up And Said, ‘Mom, I Think I Have Coronavirus’

This mother shares her worst times as her adult daughter is in London, and infected, battling COVID-19 alone - with tips for those in a similar situation.

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10 Compelling Reasons To Continue Blogging Even If Nobody Is Reading

There are so many of us out there in the blogger world, writing and creating content every day. Do people really read what we write? If not, why do we continue blogging?

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married forever
5 Pragmatic Yet Valid Reasons To Be Or Not To Be… Married Forever

Marriage may no longer be for keeps. But this is why I think it is worthwhile to work at a marriage - 5 practical reasons to be married forever other than for love.

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SHE Must Have Provoked Him! WTH?!

Violence towards a woman cannot be condoned by saying "she provoked him". This is just victim blaming, and the perpetrators get away with their actions.

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