From Graduate studies in Media and Marketing, my first pregnancy moved me to get certified in Pregnancy and Childcare. I enjoy equipping young parents-to-be with information, healing and pampering women when they are trying to conceive a baby, pregnancy and post pregnancy with combination holistic treatments; Massage, Reiki and Reflexology. I have no spare time because when I am not looking after my clients, I am being bullied by my two lovely children – Number One who is 5.5 and Number 2 who is 3 and fighting with my husband who is the sweet villain of my blog - Man of My Dreams. I grew up a mixed breed all over the world - HongKong, Toronto, London and moved back to the Motherland 4 years ago to live next door to Source of All Wisdom (my Ma). I work for a large corporate where I Head this intimate Business within it...doing what I love most and struggling with the commercial side of the job! Boss is supportive most of the time and when hes not, you'll hear about it. So listen to my general whinging about being a full time working mom, holistic therapist, weekend daughter, occaisional wife and woman like many others we know...

Voice of Anika

Mama, Can I Wax My Arms?

Does a 4 year old need to wax? Teaching your children to love themselves is tough with the world telling them that they need constant "improvement"

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Coping With Night Terrors In Children

If your child is having Night Terrors, it can be extremely disruptive for your whole household...this mom coped, with a most unconventional solution

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Tiger Mother
Tiger Mother Or Total Sucker?

Tiger mother, Total sucker or somewhere in between; rather than put a label on our parenting styles, why not just follow our mother's instinct?

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Surviving A Road Trip – With The Bubbas

How to survive a European holiday with kids - tips from a mamma of two who's been there, done that!

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