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Modern Family: With Orange Jammies

Posted: January 24, 2012

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In our new series of podcasts, ‘Modern Family’, we explore the state of the modern Indian marriage with people from various walks of life.

First up on this 15-minute episode is Orange Jammies, a feminist blogger and (almost) newlywed, talking about her own marriage and how she has seen gender roles changing in our daily lives.

In this podcast we discuss:

– Housework – who does it and why?

– Nature vs. Nurture – what drives men and women toward an equal partnership?

– Role Models – the importance of role models from the opposite gender.

– Generation – the meaning of marriage for the younger set.

(The podcast begins with a discussion of a recent ad for a breakfast product – if you haven’t seen the ad in question, check it out here). 

Click to play or click on the download button and listen at your leisure!

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