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A Winter Of Protest

The protests in Delhi against our government's apathy on women's rights to safety are heartening, but change in India needs sustained effort

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Modern Family: With Anand Philip

This month’s brand new 15-minute episode of the Modern Family podcast features Dr. Anand Philip a.k.a. @uberschizo.

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Modern Family: With Broom

Being Indian and of alternate sexuality; coming out as queer to friends and family - a podcast with perspective into same-gender relationships in India

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Modern Family: With Orange Jammies

In this 15-min podcast, 'Modern Family', Amrita Rajan and feminist blogger Orange Jammies discuss the modern Indian marriage and how its changing

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Kalamandalam Bindulekha: A Painter Of Murals

Meet Kalamandalam Bindhulekha, the mural painter who paints on temple walls – a profession that few women, if any, are involved in.

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Celeb Baby Culture: An Indian Awakening?

Is celebrity baby culture here to stay in India? Do celebrities like Lara Dutta and Aamir Khan have some lessons for us? Listen to the first Women's Web podcast!

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Kids Take Over Television Channels

Even as reality shows on Indian television channels showcase the talent of gifted children, what do they tell children about Winning?

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I’ll Be Barbie When I Grow Up

A growing celebrity culture and 24×7 connectivity means that ‘role models’ today exist only as long as their 15 minutes of fame. By Amrita Rajan I’ve yet to sit through an entire episode of Simi Garewal’s India’s Most Desirable without cringing so terribly in second-hand embarrassment for everyone involved that I had to change the […]

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