Modern Family: With Anand Philip

Posted: April 16, 2012

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This month’s brand new 15-minute episode of the Modern Family podcast features Dr. Anand Philip a.k.a. @uberschizo.

Podcast by Amrita Rajan 

Although his interests are varied, Dr. Philip is one of the rare male bloggers to write about feminism and gender violence at the aptly named Cerebral Salad. In a free-ranging conversation, we covered:

Gender Violence

– What made him first pay attention?

– Why don’t more people think it’s a problem? Is it because people are disinclined to believe survivors?

– Abuse survivors who’re looking for any sliver of an opening to end their silence

– The impact of a recent article by feminist author Meena Kandasamy, detailing her abuse 

Men and Gender Violence

– Why don’t more men discuss the subject?

– The paucity of academic research into domestic violence as inflicted by men, but especially as inflicted upon men

– The need to reclaim the men’s rights movement from misogynists

The Modern Indian Man

– The emotional availability of the Indian male

– Marriage as a social contract to which you’re automatically committed

– The changing ideal of the perfect mate

21st Century Marriage

– The option to walk out – a necessary part of marriage and its biggest challenge

– Increasing expectations

– “Love is not a feeling, it’s an act of your will.”

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