Modern Family: With Broom

Posted: February 20, 2012

In a brand new 17-minute episode this month, the Modern Family podcast returns with Broom from the popular blog, Confessions from the Closet.

Podcast by Amrita Rajan 

Broom is also the Co-founder of GaysiFamily – one of the first desi LGBT-oriented websites to give equal voice to the Indian lesbian experience. She talks about the modern Indian marriage as someone who was once in a conservative marriage with a man and is now in a deeply committed relationship with a woman.

We discuss:

– The difficulties of growing up, embracing our identities, and learning to vocalize our emotions

– The changing face of India as it slowly begins to accept the LGBT community

– Coming out as queer to friends and family, online and offline

– Interracial relationships and same-gender relationships

– The importance of equality in marriage

– Expecting better from our spouses vs. “learning to adjust”

Click to play or use the download button to listen at your leisure!

Amrita Rajan is a writer. She's interested in what you have to say.

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