Till death us apart

With you,
I felt like this is my conclusion.
I collected everything that I knew about you,
Your everything, favorites.
From coffee to food,from black to blues.
That how life is and how rain amuses you.
I ended up with a gist.
My heart added broken dreams to be with you,
Beautiful but empty home to live .
To met you was a tragic accident, I lost my heart.
Initially, I finalized to see your face and die.
But the end is more sad than a funeral.
The last days with you were life to me
Thinking about reincarnation,
I would just be in love to be with you or else there is no me in any parallel universe.
Meeting would make us more weak and timid of being together . You have always blaspheme your heart when you see me with a person. We couldn’t but only free fall in the embrace of peace,sanity and pure love. Love made me crawl for you,you cradled me with extreme care and beyond love.
Everyday with you has kept me lived happy
Our mutual murder has left me with the loss of words that I fail to express. Nothing can actually define the utter despair and depression, as I write with the audacity of being fragile and painful cold fingertips.
Being loved from being unloved is such a disaster.
As I stumble to write,I wipe my tears
Hoping to see you soon in life some other way.
Remaining yours,
Till death us apart.

-Randhir kaur



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